Students, the first power plant-themed restaurant is now near you!

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED March 21, 2018 10:34 am | UPDATED March 21, 2018 09:24 am
Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) Ever since the hype of themed restaurants, one can only imagine where a millennial student can spend his much-kept money on, moreover, it isn't always affordable. Maybe not even delicious. So, where? 

Never fear, for Megawatt is here! You read it right; the first power plant-themed restaurant's branch is neatly tucked in a food park along Sta. Cruz, Metro Manila.

In case you're wondering, the restaurant has been around the area for a few months now and is serving the students along the University Belt savory Tex-Mex cuisines, a fusion of Mexican and American dishes, for reasonable prices.

Wondering what to expect from Megawatt? Inside Manila takes a delicious look at this up and coming diner's menu and we can certainly say you'll be in for an electrifying treat.

Beef burrito with garlic sauce

Megawatt's theme "Pizza Chicken Burrito" would instantly entail that they serve best the best-wrapped vegetable and meat tortilla around—and they certainly do!

Beef Burrito with Garlic Sauce (P245)

Expect a mouthful harmony with mixed vegetable, and beef as it envelops in your taste palette. Make it even better by drizzling it with garlic sauce.

Fried Lasagna

Fried and crispy look on the outside, a meaty, cheesy, and heartwarmingly good on the inside and all over! That is Megawatt's unique Fried Lasagna. A must try. 

Fried Lasagna (P178)

Chicken and Waffle

What would be a Tex-Mex cuisine without chicken and waffles? For their part, Megawatt brings to the table a boneless fried chicken seasoned to perfection which perfectly complements the two pieces of waffles by its side.

Chicken and Waffle (P175)

Seafood garlic pizza

Like the burrito, the restaurant is an expert on their pizza (who doesn't want to be anyway?) making this dish is one of their bestsellers.

Seafood Garlic Pizza (P380)

"Best seller namin talaga is yung seafood garlic pizza. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside kasi mayroong siya seafood; shrimp, squid, scallops and then garlic," reveals Cris Quibuyen, co-owner of Megawatt Manila, told Inside Manila.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza

They wouldn't emphasize the word cheese if it's not filled with it right? Even though the dish is funnily named, Megawatt's cheese pizza actually have five kinds of cheese on it; Feta, Sharp Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiano, Mozzarella cheese.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza (P315)

Electrified snickers

Love the classic turon as an afternoon snack or maybe even dessert? Well, Megawatt put a fun twist to it. Instead of biting and expecting banana and langka inside a Snickers bar is replaced. Topped with a scoop of vanilla flavored ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon powder and we can almost bet your afternoon is already made better.

Electrified Snickers (P138)

Megawatt Manila branch is located at Asturias St. Corner Laong Laan, Manila. Take a bite of their savory Tex-Mex dishes from Sunday to Monday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. only. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.  



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