Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED March 14, 2018 04:17 pm | UPDATED March 14, 2018 03:17 pm

(Inside Manila) Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking died peacefully at the age of 76 in the early hours of Wednesday, a spokesperson of the family confirmed.

“We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today,” said in a statement by his children Lucy, Robert, and Tim.

“He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world.

The English theoretical physicist is known for his groundbreaking work in the field; he probed Albert Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity", and made a theoretical prediction about black holes. He authored two books where he brought his scientific theories to the general public. "A Brief History of Time," which became an international bestseller and followed it up with "The Universe in a Nutshell".

Hawking's rare neurological disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS, which kept him bound to a wheelchair and to a computer-based system to communicate, didn't stop him to seek for higher knowledge. He went on and become a Lucasian Professor at Cambridge in 1979.

In the limelight, the professor has also actively participated. He made a cameo television appearance in "The Simpsons" and "Star Trek”.

His early life is depicted in the 2014 biopic "The Theory of Everything" played by Eddie Redmayne where the latter won the best actor in the Academy Awards.

His achievements, contributions, and being an inspiration to those who have severe disability truly made Stephen Hawking one of the world’s biggest names.



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