Find out why this ribs and steaks diner is best for every young professional!

Maria Romero
PUBLISHED March 14, 2018 04:07 pm | UPDATED November 23, 2018 02:24 pm

Red Baron is a coffee shop turned ribs and steaks house that prides itself with top of the line meat quality. Photos by Shara Balce/Inside Manila.

(Inside Manila) Along the busy streets of Bambang in Sta. Cruz, Manila hides a meager ribs and steaks diner strangely above a car wash lair that prides itself with tastefully delicious lamb and pork meat. Named after the legendary race car driver Michael Schumacker, Red Baron Ribs and Steaks is one of the most modest and reasonable restaurants of its kind.

Now, fasten your seat belts as we drive you to its history and distinctive and diverse food offerings.

Red Baron’s history can be traced back in 2007 when it started to be a coffee shop beside a car wash. Later on, owners decided to debunk their business’ idea. Instead of having just a mere coffee shop, they decided to put up a ribs and steaks house.

Their partnership with 21st element, a professional car care technologist, gave Red Baron the brand being a car wash and restaurant joint.

Red Baron, despite strong competition among other restaurants of the same kind, is sure to stand out not just because of their food but also because of the people inside it. When you enter the place, the first thing you’d notice would be the hospitable staff grinning wide as they said in unison “Welcome to Red Baron!” With just a small space, you’ll feel the American vibe in it coupled with some intricate instrumental songs perfect for every sophisticated professional who just wants to feel cosy outside their office cubicles. Its price range is also perfect for the parents and young adults who could afford to spend money on some rewarding meals.

As their name suggests, the must-try food that people should order are the ribs and steak. True to their history, their meats are of top of the line quality. “We make sure that we serve the best quality of meat,” said Joyce Estaban, Marketing Head of Red Baron.

Nachos (P165)

Original Meltique Steak (P398)

Good Shepherd's Ube (P148)

If you want to taste the best Red Baron experience, for starters you could order their meaty Nachos as the appetizer, and for the main course is their Original Meltique steak that melts in your mouth sided with rice and buttered corn. For dessert, the best partner for the steak would be Good Shepherd’s Ube with flavorful natural sweet Ube.

Lamb Steak (P349)

Ice Scramble (P148)

For those who are tired of the usual chicken and pork meat, your dining experience may be made even better with an order of their scrumptious Lamb Steak cooked to perfection so that every bite would surely compensate the money you paid for it. One order is sided with rice and baked macaroni that would surely leave you bursting with lusciousness. This banquet is also best partnered with their classic ice scramble topped with milk cream and chocolate syrup.

Solo Ribs (P295)

Cappuccino Frizzy (P138)

Aside from that, their smoked ribs cooked for six long hours would also be perfect to tame the wailing hunger in your stomachs with its flavorful and juicy meat that’s soft to the bones! 

Premier Himalayan Set (P2865)

Side dishes of the Himalayan Set

Himalayan Set meats are cooked right in front of the customers so that they can have tender-cooked meat just as what they wanted

Red Baron is not just a place for catching up, it’s also a place where special days could be made even more memorable. For those families who managed to save up extra money, the most compensating meal that you could get from Red Baron is their Premier Himalayan Set. It consists of USDA meats rubbed in Himalayan salt block and red wine and here’s the catch – it will be cooked right in front of you in a hot sizzling stone plate, therefore, allowing you to choose how your meat will be cooked! The set also includes the cheesiest truffle soup, baked mac and buttered corn, salad, and some ice cream to treat the sweet tooth.

Lamb meat in lava grilling pan

Meltique meat in lava grilling pan

Every order at Red Baron is made with carefulness and passion to secure that their loyal customers would never get tired of coming back. All of their meats are also cooked in lava grilling pans so that the succulence and fragrance of the meat will be well-maintained.

With 8 tables in total, maximum of 40 people can savor the heavens that Red Baron offers. With hundreds of good reviews, Red Baron proved to be one of the well-loved steak houses around the Metro. So for those who are planning their next dates with family, friends, and significant others, check in to Red Baron and have a firsthand experience of their “affordable, juicy, and quality” food.

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks is located at 1357 Severino Reyes Street Corner Bambang, Manila. It is open from 11 am to 11 pm daily. For more information visit their facebook page here.



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