Facts you need to know before doing a DIY travel

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED March 13, 2018 12:23 pm | UPDATED March 13, 2018 01:17 pm
Photo from ana.beachesa/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Traveling—no matter how satisfying or health improving it may be—it's still a stressful, not to mention quite expensive thing to arrange, especially if it's booking on peak seasons.

This may be the reason why a travel trend rose where travelers opt instead to "Do-It-Yourself" or DIY their own escapade, arranging from their accommodation to the places they'll visit.

There's nothing wrong with doing DIY travels as long you are aware of few facts before giving this travel option a try.

A lot of research should be done

We're not just talking about the DIY travel itself, but as well as every factor that will take effect on your trip. To have a hassle-free travel, you need to break down all the details, consider it and take it into action. Initially, you'll have to start at the location, the spots you'd want to visit, activities you'd like to try and accommodation. That is still apart from the budget you'll spend, things you need, and extra trips.

You need to be detail-oriented

This is important especially on out of the country trips and travels are scheduled for days. Like the first fact, DIY travel is solely for you which means it should cater to things you want to achieve, see and discover in your trip. Being detail-oriented is useful on factors that involve your lounging and places to eat or shop. You may go for spontaneity but you may find yourself more confused than ever as you might find yourself cramming all places and activities in limited time.

It’s less costly than packaged tours

Booking a travel package is costly because it offers an easy, stress-free and often more secure travel. You'll have the assistance you need or want before the trip occurs. If you can handle these factors on you own, it's a guarantee that doing a DIY travel can knock you off a couple of cash than the packaged ones.

There's wider range of accommodation available

Travel and tours package have their own partner companies around where they'll book your accommodation as well as arrange the activities included in the package you bought. The freeness of DIY travel, however, gives you other types of accommodation available around whether it'll be a bed and breakfast, or a hotel.

It's for the budget traveler

DIY travel is often preferred because of this fact—it's cheaper. In this type of travel option you can manage your budget, maybe even haggle. You control where your travel money go: splurge or save it by adjusting factors in your accommodation and itinerary.

You can join in groups

The best thing doing it DIY? You're not alone. Since this travel trend became known, groups are formed in social media where you may be able to find your next travel buddies or read helpful advice for your first or next DIY trip. 



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