LEGO to release first eco-friendly bioplastic collection

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED March 9, 2018 03:24 pm

(Inside Manila) Denmark-based toy company LEGO is set to unveil their first sustainable bricks collection made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane by late 2018.

The LEGO group announced its plan of releasing the collection, which consists of botanical elements such as leaves, trees, and bushes, as part of its ultimate goal to use such in core products and packaging by 2030.

“At the LEGO Group we want to make a positive impact on the world around us, and are working hard to make great play products for children using sustainable materials. We are proud that the first LEGO elements made from sustainably sourced plastic are in production and will be in LEGO boxes this year,” said Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group.

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Although the material of the new bricks is plant-based, it is technically identical to those produced using the common conventional plastic. The collection is made from polyethylene, which is a soft, durable and flexible plastic.

In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the LEGO Group intends “to support and build demand for sustainably sourced plastic,” as part of its efforts in promoting global action on climate change. It also joined the WWF’s Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance, to secure fully sustainable sourcing of raw material for the bioplastics industry.

Watch the video below uploaded by the LEGO Group:

Yay! LEGOs will sooner be good for the environment! What are your thoughts on this?



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