Have you tried this upgraded ‘jogging’ trend?

Michaela Andrea
PUBLISHED March 9, 2018 03:26 pm
Photo from @plastic_pollutionsolution on Instagram

(Inside Manila) Are you tired of the usual neighborhood or treadmill run? Then it’s about time you step-up your fitness journey with the newest fitness trend called “plogging.”

Plogging originated in Scandinavia, where you can “plocka upp” or pick up any trash while jogging.

According to Man’s Health magazine, the Swedish fitness app Lifesum revealed that plogging burns 288 calories per 30 minutes. It is also theorized that you burn more weight because you sink down to pick trash.

While it is not yet widely-practiced in the Philippines, it is reported that the trend started in 2016. There have been various groups in America and Europe who have shown support to this fitness trend as it helps improve both health and the environment.


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Do you want to hit two birds with one stone on your next run? Grab your running shoes and get ‘plogging!’ around Metro Manila.



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