These Pinoy Musicians Will

Wave PH Flag in

This Year’s Music Matters


by Maria Romero, September 03, 2018 3:32pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


These Pinoy Musicians Will Wave PH Flag in This Year’s Music Matters Live!

by Maria Romero, September 03, 2018 3:32pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Are you ready to discover new music? Well, you better be because Music Matters Live, Asia’s premier independent music festival, is all set for its eighth edition comeback this year.

This September 2018 in Clark Quay, Singapore, 13 countries from the Asia-Pacific Region will be represented by 30 of their brightest artists; four of which are from the Philippines!

If you feel like you don’t have even the smallest ideas about who these artists are, we got you covered. Here are quick and fun facts about them plus a few tips on what to expect from their music:

Clara Benin: The Acoustic Darling

Clara Benin is Manila’s indie scene acoustic darling. She strums and plucks the six strings as it has a separate life of its own. She started covering songs of her favorite bands but it didn’t take long before she learned to put her life experiences into rhythms and melodies. While most female vocalists impress audiences with their power of voice and rock star harbinger, Clara wins her listeners through her introspective voice.

In the course of Clara's music career, she has produced one full album Human Eyes, EP called Riverchild and has collaborated with different artists such as Quest, Coeli San Luiz, and December Avenue.

Undecided where to start your discovery? Listen to “Human Eyes”, “Kingdom Come”, and “Parallel Universe”.

Gracenote: The Electro-Rock Quartet

Gracenote is a band no longer new to some because they have been around for quite a long time. The electro-pop rock quartet composed of Eunice Jorge on vocals, Tatsi Jamnague on guitars, Jazz Jorge on bass, and EJ Pichay on drums offers unique and relatable sounds for their legion of fans.

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For almost a decade in the industry, Gracenote has produced two full albums—First Movement and Transparent. They have also released singles including  “Two Four” and their latest collaboration with Chito Miranda, “Bakit Ka Ganyan”. Their cover of Stevie B’s “When I Dream About You” was also a major smash.

Uncertain where to start your Gracenote playlist? Begin with “Amnesia”,“Taciturn”, and “Respeto”.

Over October: The High-flying Alt Pop-Rock Assembly

Over October is an almost-four-year-old pop/alternative rock band composed of Josh Buizon on vocals, Joshua Lua on guitars, Joric Canlas on bass, and Janessa Geronimo on drums. The band was formed on the hellish month of October during their college days in Ateneo de Manila University. So, from students in an organization sharing the same passion for music, these people became members of one of the fast-rising indie bands in our time.

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Over October has made a name in the music outfit through prudent songs hitting hearts such as “Never Stop” and “Lovestruck”.

If upon reading this you suddenly wanted to check them out, do listen to “Arbitrary”, “Free”, and “Deja Vu” as well. These songs will surely carry your stubborn hearts back to reality.

Reneé Dominique; The Music-loving YT Chic

Reneé Dominique is born into a music-loving family. She gained acclaim through her Youtube Channel where she laid out her ardent covers of both international and local songs. Over time, Reneé found her true self and genre which marked the beginning of her boundless music career. If you love the lazy days when all you just do is curl up in bed with a good old book and a hot drink, then she’s the best artist to listen to on those days.

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In 2014, Reneé released her first single “Boy” under Star Records. Currently, she has three singles on Spotify called “Seasons”, “Figure it Out”, and “IDK (I Don’t Know)”.

Pinoy musicians have been shining in this carefully-crafted multi-artist festival for several years. Just last year, indie folk-pop nine-piece Ben&Ben, singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan, and pop singer Kiana Valenciano graced the line-up. PH has also been represented on the same event by the likes of BP Valenzuela, Quest, Save Me Hollywood, and Farewell Fair Weather.

With this end, here is a complete and official playlist for Music Matters 2018! We have to warn you though, this is gonna be a long and fun listening party so be sure to share this with your friends. In every case, good music and good company equate to one hella fun sesh!

Music Matters Live has been pioneering independent festival scene in Asia to create business and cultural music connections with the rest of the world since 2007. Uniquely for Singapore, every year Music Matters Live plays alongside the All That Matters conference covering the latest global topics and trends. Best of all, the festival is FREE for all!


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