Skimp or Splurge: Where should your travel money go?

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED March 2, 2018 01:45 pm
Photo by Shara Blace/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) Fact: Traveling is expensive. Especially when the currency of the country you're visiting is not doing so well. You also want to keep your travel money as long as possible without sacrificing the quality of the trip. As any wise traveler should do, the first step is to think over your budget, setting-up highlights of the trip could help. Moreover, deciding whether to skimp or splurge would make or break your travel money.

Need a guide? Here are tips to determine whether you'll splurge or skimp on these travel factors:

Skimp: Luggage

Don't start your travel already paying for extra baggage. More than two checked bags can already cost you some amount of money. Instead, opt for a packed bag that can carry everything you need—from clothes you can mix and match to your body essentials packed in travel size containers. Don't forget to leave space for souvenirs, though.

More importantly, bringing one bag can limit the chances of lost luggage!

Skimp: Hotel Accommodation

If you're in between splurging or skimping hotel accommodations, then let us be the first one to advise you—skimp it. Why? In every destination, there are various hotels and inns that are affordable with features not bad for their price.

Splurge: Food

As a traveler, it should be your priority to try out the local cuisine in your travels. However, if you're trying out new food that may not go well with your stomach it's best to try it out in the best-reviewed restaurants around.


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Skimp and Splurge: Tourist Attractions

Of course! You can both skimp and/or splurge on your tourist destinations as well. If you're into mainstream destinations then prepare to splurge as these locations (due to its popularity) can cost you more. Surprisingly places that aren't yet on any tourists' itinerary cost less. Think of these locations as the law of supply and demand.


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Splurge: Travel Memorabilia

Photos and social media updates wouldn't make up for the trip you've had, which means your travel memorabilia should be one of those things you should splurge on. Go for t-shirts, souvenirs, novelty items or even unique objects that can only be bought in your destination and bring that back to reminisce your worthwhile trip.


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