Quotes from ‘Four Sisters

and a Wedding’ Every

Writer Can Relate To

by Maria Romero, April 04, 2019 4:40pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Quotes from ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ Every Writer Can Relate To

by Maria Romero, April 04, 2019 4:40pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Five years after it first hit local and international cinemas, the comedy-drama Four Sisters and a Wedding is still making waves online.

The film, with its main characters tearfully exposing their insecurities and failures most of us would never dare expose, was admirable. Because it also tells a familiar story about the eccentricities of being in a Filipino family, each dialogue easily targets one's heart. Although the film mostly revolved around familial relationships and struggles, even real-life writers can also relate to the movie’s one-liner punch lines and straight to the heart dialogues.

Writing is never easy. Sometimes we feel defeated—like when we proudly submit an article we think was our best piece only to see our editors mark it with their bloody red ink and sometimes cutting comments. We need to keep everything together. *cue in Bobbie Salazar*

"Nagpakatatag ako. Nagpakatigas ako. Kasi kailangan ko. Pero 'di dahil matigas ako wala na akong pakiramdam. Na hindi na ako nasasaktan. Nasasaktan naman ako." - Bobbie on The Confrontation scene

When the day at the office is tougher because of a news outbreak and everything needs to be published ASAP, and the editor has to speak up.

"Sorry din ha.. Kasi sa sobrang sakit na naramdaman ko, nahirapan akong makita na nasasaktan ka rin pala. I’m sorry." - Bobbie on The Make-up Confrontation Scene with Alex

So you revise your article, hoping it will pass this time, but it didn’t. You’re at the nth revision, and your editor is getting a little personal.

"Don't give comments about my personal life because I don't give comments about yours!" - Alex to Bobbie on their confrontation about their ex-boyfriend.

When you’re at a press launch and you have to upload live updates via Instagram story, but you don’t know you’re using your personal account all along.

"Gets ko na, palpak nga e kaya wag mo nang ulitin" -Teddie after she spied on the Bayag’s spa

And in the middle of tight deadlines and field work schedules, you’ll remember that you write not only to change the world but to make mama proud, too. But why does it feel you aren’t enough? ‘Maaaaa, I’m sorry, Ma!’

"Pero ma, kahit gaga at pasaway ako, gusto ko lang naman maging proud ka sa'kin eh. Kaya nga inaayos ko 'yung buhay ko ngayon eh." - Alex on The Confrontation scene

And then it will hit you: You’re also the reason for those missed deadlines and increasing work backlogs. But you still hope Mama would understand.

"Pero ako ho kasi yung may problema. Ako 'yung hindi makatanggap na ganito na lang ako." - Teddie on The Confrontation scene

But you know deep down, you’re a good writer. There are just times in a writer’s life when BuzzFeed quiz seems more inviting than their Google Document sheet.

"Hindi talino ang kulang sayo! Responsibilidad!" -Bobbie on her confrontation with Alex

After all the time wasted, you now just want to be on top of your writing job. In case a crisis arrives, you want to keep your job unlike Teddie na natanggalan ng trabaho kasi sabi nila hindi naman talaga siya magaling.

"I’m a grown-up now, making grown-up decisions." Rebreb on The Confrontation Scene

In a field where pressure and creative block are the greatest enemies, inspiration, regardless of form, is a writer's saving grace. And Four Sisters and a Wedding did more than inspire; it transforms the way we perceive our downfalls with its honest-to-God narratives and dialogs.


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