Arts and Culture

Beep Card Designs We

Can't Wait to Get

Our Hands On

by Jace Amodo, April 03, 2019 5:17pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Arts and Culture

Beep Card Designs We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands On

by Jace Amodo, April 03, 2019 5:17pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Picture this: people are weaving between the sheer number of cars, jeepneys, and buses illegally parked in their makeshift terminals; sidewalk vendors are selling cigarettes and candies and just about any deep-fried nibbles. This is the image Filipino commuters see every day in Manila, and it has become tiring.

Once or twice a day, however, while stuck in traffic and daydreaming, we see a glimpse of our passions in the form of posters and billboards, and even while people-watching. Strangely enough, celebrating the things we love is feasible while we're commuting—through Beep!

The cashless tap-and-go card recently launched their Hello Kitty Limited Edition Beep Cards, and fans of the purry character were quick to head where it was available. If the reception was a testimony, we can't help but imagine what the reaction would be if the good 'ol Beep gets a makeover from the hottest and rising pop-culture trends.

So here we are, with seven ideas for a blockbuster Beep Card designs. Which one would you cop?

Sanrio Characters

If Beep would release yet another limited edition Beep Card, it's probably another Sanrio character. AF Payments, Inc, makers of Beep, anticipates so too. It would be a kawaii way to express ourselves, from a lazy Gudetama on Mondays and a raging Aggretsuko on Fridays.


In case you missed it, Beep released a limited edition DC collection in time for the premieres of Justice League and Wonder Woman, respectively. While it's unlikely that they'll be partnering with DC's competitor, we're still crossing our fingers to see "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" on our cards. For hardcore Marvel fans, it could be our way of saying "Thank You, Stan Lee."

Stranger Things

Be it Indiana Hawkins visuals or simple character portraits, Stranger Things-themed Beep cards can be a huge hit. The series has shown no flags that can hinder the production of a new season yet, so Beep's four-year duration is no problem. Seriously, though, give us the funk of the 80s!


Creatives would be in for a treat if news of Beep's partnership with Pantone breaks out. A bit far-fetched, if you ask us, but no idea is too small. Not only would it add a pop of color to our stuff, but it would also serve as a quick go-to for inspiration.

"More fun"

Beep can get a nationalistic treatment by partnering with the Department of Tourism. Many tourists love to experience the transits of the country they're visiting, and it would be "more fun" (as our Tourism Slogan puts it) to promote the wonders of the Philippines through this card. Pair it with the new "Barabara" font and woven textile patterns, and you have one collection Filipinos can't miss.


Speaking of graphic identity, a Baybayin-themed Beep card is the perfect candidate to preach the indigenous script gospel to. Baybayin still has a long road to pave before it is fully revived in the Philippine school system, but giving Filipino commuters a head start through this card may be a good way to spread awareness.

A personalized card we have yet to name

When all else fails to impress, a personalized Beep card may be the answer. Think plain white canvas, just waiting for a pen's kiss. Write a poem or scribble doodles—you can't go wrong with this one. Who knows? It could also be a gift to your friend, family, crush, or SO who always forget their Beep cards.

The ideas are infinite and the realization may take time, but we won't be bothered with it. One thing's for sure, though: going cashless in style is on the way.


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