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These Refilling Stations Exist,

So Why Dump Your


by Sherry Tadeja, April 04, 2019 10:55am

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Beauty and Fashion

These Refilling Stations Exist, So Why Dump Your Bottles?

by Sherry Tadeja, April 04, 2019 10:55am
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In recent years, the Philippines' pressing plastic problem has worked its way to public knowledge. It evoked movements both from the government and locals and put a zero-waste lifestyle to the mainstream discussion.

Our very own local brands are doing their part too, from switching to be a sustainable brand, to using earth-friendly ingredients and recyclable materials, and even coming up with their own refilling stations. Meaning you can bring either an empty bottle or the brand’s used containers and refill it for a price. This practice has become an effective, sustainable way to lessen plastic waste. It's way cheaper too.

Curious about who, what, and where these refilling stations are? Check them out below.


Ritual is a small zero-waste general store known for its “bring your own container” shop, selling locally produced and organic alternatives. Some of their notable items are coffee, cacao, grains and cereals, essential oils, liquid soaps, detergents and many more.

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Ritual is located at 2/F Languages Internationale Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. For more information, visit or follow Ritual on Facebook and Instagram.

Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy is a sustainable brand producing effective earth-friendly products and produces it by employing at-risk young adults. Their vow for sustainability is through and through with their refilling stations all over the metro.

You can bring any clean, empty containers from 50ml to 2000ml. But they encourage to bring empty Messy Bessy bottles instead. A refill costs 20 cents per ML.

Messy Bessy's refilling stations are located at Power Plant Mall, Venice Grand Canal Mall, and Uptown Mall BGC. For more information, visit or follow Messy Bessy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All Things Hair Refillery

All Things Hair recently opened it's All Things Hair Refillery where you can bring old shampoo and/or conditioner bottles to refill them. You need to make sure the containers are clean and empty. The prices are per gram which means it's way cheaper than buying a new one.

Don't have your own bottle? You can buy their refilling bottles for 10php/each. It still costs less! You can also bring other plastic bottles for upcycling.

All Things Hair refill stations are at TriNoma, Glorietta, and Alabang Town Center. For more information, visit or follow All Things Hair on Facebook, and Instagram.

Cleopatra's Secret

Cleopatra's Secret is known for its affordable, handcrafted skin care products. Even though it's an online independent brand, they took initiative to have their own refilling station and bringing them to bazaars. Buyers can bring their empty containers for face wash and face masks, and get 5% off purchase—a beautifying save indeed.

For more information, visit Cleopatra's Secret on Facebook and Instagram.


Refuse is another zero-waste store dedicated to earth-friendly products and less-waste item alternatives. The highlight of the store is its refilling station. They refill laundry detergents, fabric conditioner, and dishwashing soaps and organic consumables like chia seeds, quinoa, and Himalayan pink salt. Just remember to bring your own jars or containers.

Refuse is located at Pop Culture, 2nd Floor Alabang Town Center. For more information, visit Refuse PH on Facebook and Instagram.

Human Nature

Even before it opened its first refilling station, Human Nature has made efforts to lessen their plastic bottle produce. They’ve created one-liter versions of their products, which allows you to save up to 178php.  

The brand has also opened up its first refilling station located at their Commonwealth flagship branch. Customers only need to bring clean and empty bottles to avail the refill.

For more information, visit or follow Human Nature on Facebook and Instagram.

These are just a few of our local stores and brands who have opened their own refilling stations. There’s still a lot out there and hopefully more to come. This means the option to practice zero-waste, if not fully, is a choice. It may not be the most game-changing move but the initiative to lessen waste is help earth will thank you for.


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