Under the Radar

Go Wireless? Why Should

You Ditch Wired Earphones

by Inside Manila Team, April 10, 2019 4:58pm

Go wireless!

Under the Radar

Go Wireless? Why Should You Ditch Wired Earphones

by Inside Manila Team, April 10, 2019 4:58pm
Go wireless!

The introduction of wireless earphones has left everyone dumbfounded. At first, it looks like the standard earphones without the annoying cables. It’s one of the most trendy mobile device accessories today for its overall convenience and cordless feature. If you need more convincing, here’s a list of pros of this handy technology.

No More Tangled Earphone Wires

This is the main plus of wireless earphones—no more frustrating tangled wires, no more detangling them for minutes. This means the wear and tear are less likely to happen too. Overall, it gives instant freedom to move.

A Smart Device

Wireless earphones are a true gift of convenience. Aside from the obvious plus, it also developed other uses like integrating to the connected phone’s function. Meaning it can access Siri or Google Assistant, take in calls or reject it, and send voice emails without actually doing it on a phone.


Another benefit of going wireless is it needs no special applications and added connectors to make it work. Wireless earphones are Bluetooth-powered, meaning whether your phone is an Android or an iOS device, it can connect anytime, anywhere.

Better Sound Quality

Along with being cordless and advance integration function, wireless earphones promote better audio quality with its audio technology. Some wireless earphones even allow frequency response up to a certain hertz better than the wired earphones available in the market. This means users can hear the tiniest sound included in audio.



Even though wired earphones are lightweight, you need a strategy to pack it safely to avoid a tangled mess. But going cordless only needs to safe keep the buds itself. You can bring its casing for better safekeeping.

Comfort And Design

Earbuds will hurt around the ear with long hours of listening; Going wireless won’t. It’s made to fit snugly and comfortably around the ear canal. Plus, the sleek design won’t fail whether you’re wearing the chicest looks down to the most pam-bahay ones.

On Trend

Even with skeptical impressions at first, cordless earphones came through for its convenience and simplicity making it a valuable item in today’s market. It has omitted the fact people have to hold their phones to keep the music or the audio going. And in terms of design, the device has kept it sleek, minimalist, and subtle complimenting any look.

For All Lifestyles

Those who have an on-the-go or sporty lifestyle can greatly benefit from wireless products, more so to wireless earphones. Whether you’d drive, walk, run, or even work, better believe a cordless earphone can keep up.

For Filipino audiophiles, Sennheiser is a good choice to start your wireless earphone experience. Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading wireless manufacturers in the world; And along with the launch of Sennheiser's concept store at SM Mall of Asia last March, The Loop powered by the Power Mac Center, the audio company launched the MOMENTUM True Wireless earphones. Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 support, 7mm dynamic drivers, effortless integration with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, and four-hour battery life. MOMENTUM checks all the whys to ditch the wired earphones.

For more information, visit https://en-us.sennheiser.com/ or follow Sennheiser Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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