10 tampon misconceptions you need to stop believing now!

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED February 20, 2018 09:17 am
Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) A major reason why tampons are still a taboo in the country is because of the endless myths surrounding it which in turn gives an impression that it's not the best choice for Filipinas. Even if half of the world recognizes it being better than sanitary napkins.

True, your intimate products are nobody’s concern, but it's alarming not to let Filipinas have a choice because of unnecessary fears and old hearsays. Below are 10 tampon taboos debunked and why they are completely false.

Tampons can devirginize you

'Virginity' in its truthful definition is the state of never having had a sexual intercourse. And tampon is an object that yes you insert in your body but inanimate to not actually 'devirginize' a woman.

Moreover, strenuous activities alone can actually contribute to the tearing of the hymen (which is just a thin tissue) like biking, doing a split, gymnastics, etc. But it does not mean that a woman already experienced sexual intercourse and therefore is devirginized.

Tampons are uncomfortable

Generally, you'll be surprised how you cannot feel the tampon once it's inside—if inserted correctly. Always remember that when inserting a tampon you have to get into a comfortable position, either by standing one leg at the toilet or sitting at an angle. If you feel uncomfortable after you inserted the tampon, it might be that it isn’t far enough. You could push it deeper until the discomfort fades.

Tampons can get lost inside you

First of all, tampons like Ladouce Tampons always have a cotton withdrawal string which is meant to pull the tampon once it's already filled. After the vagina is the cervix which is very small for the tampon to pass through. So, it is impossible for the tampon to get lost inside

Tampons block period flow

If you're a first-time tampon user, you may be used to seeing and feeling blood ooze out of you. But with tampons, you have to get used to the fact that it won't happen. In fact, since a tampon is inserted inside, all the action is happening inside as well. The tampon soaks the menstrual flow, which means that awkward-sudden-rush-of-blood-when-laughing-out-loud will no longer be experienced.

Tampons only cater a specific 'size' and cannot possibly 'fit' every woman.

Women may have different looks and situations down there but when it comes to menstrual period, all are on the same page. Tampons only have different sizes to cater to period flow and the vagina is an expandable muscle that can adjust to accommodate a tampon especially when on period where it's also well-lubricated.

You can have Toxic Shock Syndrome because of tampons

Unfortunately, Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is an actual disease and has always been related to tampon use. However, TSS only occurs to those who have poor hygiene which leads bacterial build up inside. As long as you wash your hands before and after insertion and you remember to change tampon every 4-8 hours then you're good to go. More importantly, it was never proven that TSS is caused by a tampon.

You need to remove the tampon before peeing

Complete nonsense. A vagina has two separate openings, urine comes out of the urethra while a tampon is inserted into the vagina. Just be careful not to be pee on the string. You can put the string backward when you pee instead.

Tampons are basically toxic chemicals you're inserting into your body!

Ladouce tampons are approved by the FDA in the Philippines and in Europe.  In fact, the product is made of a biodegradable all-natural material that is perfectly safe for the body. The brand boasts to be "Safe, Secure and Soft”.

Tampons are added trash to the environment

Because Ladouce Tampons are made of a natural material called viscose, it's also a body-friendly biodegradable item. According to Ladouce, it only takes six months before a Ladouce Tampon decomposes.

Tampons are pricey!

Another myth! Ladouce Tampons are a practical item that won't break the bank. In fact, two boxes good for 32 Ladouce Tampons mini, normal and super only retails for P374.00, P395.00, and P419.00, respectively. Moreover, the prices are the same as high-quality sanitary pads available in the market.

Bonus? You will get a free sample featuring all the sizes available. 

With all these myths busted and explained, you might be wondering what brand to use? Well, we recommend Ladouce Tampons! An all-natural, body-friendly tampons for Filipinas. Check out their online stores at Shopee and at Lazada.

For more information, visit Ladouce Tampons Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their official website.



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