This Jollibee Dessert Timeline

Is a Sweet Trip

Down Memory Lane

by Sherry Tadeja, April 03, 2019 5:05pm

Best Twirl Ever!


This Jollibee Dessert Timeline Is a Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane

by Sherry Tadeja, April 03, 2019 5:05pm
Best Twirl Ever!

The country's most favorite fast-food chain Jollibee has served iconic meals and desserts over the years. From pies to ice cream sundaes to soda floats, Jollibee continues to experiment with sweet treats to complete our jolly meals. We look back at the brand's dessert offerings we no longer find in the menu (but are hopeful for a comeback). Let's take a sweet trip down memory lane:


The mix-ins are one of Jollibee's dessert series. A cup of plain soft soft-serve vanilla is mixed with crushed chocolate treats like Kisses, KitKat, Reese's, or Milo. Mix-Ins is a quick dessert snack you can have anytime, anywhere.

Flip Floats

Flip Floats is one of Jollibee's innovative move for dessert drinks. Flip Floats is a reverse coffee or choco float. The soft-serve vanilla is at the bottom, the chocolate or coffee is in the middle, and cookie crumble is on top. Can’t quite picture it out? Watch this video below:

Swirly Bitz

Before Mix-Ins, there was the simplicity of Swirly Bitz. This treat is a soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with bits of crushed chocolate cookie. Think sundae with cookie toppings, perfect for indulging in especially during summer.

Rocky Road Overload

Rocky Road Overload is Jollibee’s take on the classic rocky road ice cream—soft-serve vanilla with generous amounts of marshmallow, peanuts, and chocolate syrup. Whether you have it as comfort food or something to sweeten up your day, a rocky road-flavored ice cream is always a good decision (unless you’re allergic to nuts).

Halo-Halo Sundae

The Halo-Halo Sundae is part of Jollibee’s "Pinoy Favorites" series. Along with the Halo-Halo Sundae is the Adobo Flakes Yum Burger. This dessert involves their soft-serve vanilla topped with favorite halo-halo ingredients like gulaman, banana slices, coconut meat, and sweet beans.

Strawberry Choco Sundae

Jollibee brings together two favorites in one dessert. Strawberry Choco Sundae is a mix of strawberry and chocolate syrup topped with brownie chunks. It's a double sweet treat in one cupful of sundae. Plus, it's best combined with strawberry and chocolate syrup! What could go wrong?

Jolly Twirl

Miss Universe Catriona Gray's infamous lava walk is the inspiration behind Jollibee’s latest dessert upgrade. The Jolly Twirl made even better. Now it’s made thicker, creamier, and infused with slow melting properties so you can enjoy the cold treat longer. Enjoy this sundae treat in four variations: Chocolate Sundae Twirl (30php), Vanilla Cone Twirl (10php), Chocolate Cone Twirl (15php), and Mini Chocolate Sundae Twirl (24php).

Photo by Sherry Tadeja

Better watch this Jollibee TVC below as Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray tells herself why Jollibee Jolly Twirl 2.0 is Jollibee’s best twirl ever!

If you have witnessed all these desserts, and maybe even more before this timeline, congratulations! You sure are a true Jollibee kid!


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