Why Filipinas should give tampons a chance

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED February 16, 2018 10:01 pm | UPDATED February 16, 2018 10:11 pm
Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) Sure is, the Philippines has come to the age of convenience—smartphones, technology, gadgets and even social media are aiming to make life easier. But in the mist of all these new discoveries, why does a basic necessity such as women's sanitary products are left in medieval-like age?

This is the very reason why a Netherlands-based sanitary brand entered the Philippine market to introduce a taboo-breaking product for women—Ladouce Tampons.

Product Features

Ladouce Tampons is made of 100% all-natural, body-friendly material called viscose. Next to sanitary pads, tampons are a woman's best bet for protection specifically during a menstrual period. Trust us, this brand gets the job done. Well, it has been the preferred sanitary product of about 65% of European and American women instead of napkins for over 60 years!

Ladouce Tampons lock fluid in place and provides 6-8 hours of protection. It comes in three sizes—mini, normal and super—designed to accommodate different menstrual flows.

A mini can absorb 6-9 grams of menstrual blood. The brand recommends this size for the first time tampon user to get the feeling of the product. Normal on the other hand, is designed for the moderate menstrual flow and can absorb up to 9-12 grams of menstrual blood. While the super is for the heavier days and can absorb 12-15 grams of menstrual blood.

The 'mini' size retails for P374.00 for two boxes with 16 tampons each inside.

The 'normal' size retails for P395.00 for two boxes with 16 tampons each inside.

While the 'super' size retails for P419.00 for two boxes with 16 tampons each inside.

Ladouce is widely available in the country. You can purchase the product from online markets such as Shopee, and Lazada.

How to use it

Using a tampon is just as simple as using a sanitary pad, but this time you’re using a much better product. Below are easy-to-follow instructions to have a smooth-sailing tampon use!

  1. Make sure your hands are clean. After, slightly twist the Ladouce tampon to break the protective foil covering it.

  2. Once the tampon is out of its protective foil, unwind the cotton withdrawal string then straighten it.

  3. For an easy insertion, widen the base of the tampon by inserting a finger at the base of it.

  4. Get into a comfortable position; sitting with your legs apart or standing with one leg raised or resting on the toilet.

  5. Then, open your labia carefully, insert the tampon with your finger at an angle.

  6. To make sure the tampon is secure, insert it a bit deeper until you won't feel the tampon at all. The cotton withdrawal string should stay outside of your body.

  7. To remove the tampon, simply pull the withdrawal string with some force and discard it in a hygienic place. Wash your hands after the removal of a tampon.

The Perks

Ladouce is a product better than sanitary napkins which irritate the skin and leave rashes at the end the day. It's also quite a travel buddy and can be discretely bought in at any time, anywhere. Extra tampons are welcome too!

Furthermore, you won't be bothered or not willing to try out outdoor activities as Ladouce is safe to use even if you’re running, jumping, trekking and swimming while on your period.

Need a style hack? Visible lines from sanitary napkins will be no more with tampons, especially in bikinis. Fact, beauty pageants contestants on period use tampons for smooth sailing bikini walk as well as athletes on their sport pursuits. 

First-time tampon user? Don't worry! Since tampons are still quite a taboo in the country, each box contains instructions on how to use it. The languages are available in Tagalog, English, and Dutch, their mother company's language.

So ladies, in this day and age of advancement, let's open ourselves to choices—better choices, especially to products that will take care of our intimate needs and Ladouce Tampons, is 'that' right choice.

For more information, visit Ladouce Tampons Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their official website.



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