Self Care

Hope at the End

of the Line: Volunteer

at Crisis Line

by Sherry Tadeja, April 03, 2019 2:12pm

Volunteer at Crisis Line

Self Care

Hope at the End of the Line: Volunteer at Crisis Line

by Sherry Tadeja, April 03, 2019 2:12pm
Volunteer at Crisis Line

Mental health is no stranger to anyone today. Both the government and non-profit organizations have made programs to combat this invisible battle. One of which is the existence of helplines—it's like calling a friend, talking about pressing issues and seeking their advice. Unlike phoning a friend, a helpline respondent can give unbiased advice and understand mental health problems and/or emotional distress.

Yet these helplines need help too. So if you have the ear to listen, a heart to understand, and willingness to undergo training to better the Mental Health landscape in our country, Crisis Line by In Touch Philippines needs you.

Crisis Line by In Touch Philippines is a non-profit organization providing mental health services in the country since 1980. It's a volunteer-based organization dedicated to mental health and emotional distress care and treatment. They offer four services: Counselling, Crisis Response, Training, and Crisis Line.

In Touch Philippines created a mental health helpline called Crisis Line, where callers can talk to a volunteer about their personal issues such as grief and loss, depression, substance abuse, gender identity & sexual orientation, school & career problems, and even suicidal thoughts. The service is free and available 24/7.

In order to spread awareness and continue the goodwill of helping others, Crisis Line needs volunteers to do this good deed. If you're willing to be a Crisis Line Volunteer: you are responsible to provide immediate telephone response, help individuals in any crisis, refer callers to credible resources, be well-informed of the welfare and/or mental health programs, encourage callers to problem-solving methods and suggest them an alternative and possible consequences of their actions.

Volunteers are to undergo free training and evaluation and for 24 hours in total within 18 months. This involves practicum, services, and attending peer meetings. At the end of the course, the volunteer will receive a certificate of completion and the avenue to be a Crisis Line helpline responder.

Helplines such as In Touch: Crisis Line is vital services for mental health today. For one, its existence de-stigmatizes the public's reception about mental health problems. And because it’s free and available any time of the day, callers can take into consideration to ask for help and not jump to decisions with grave consequences.

For more information, visit follow In Touch: Crisis Line on Facebook.


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