LOOK: This gas station toilet in QC will make you feel like kings and queens

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED February 9, 2018 10:09 am

(Inside Manila) Expect the unexpected at this “majestic” and “extravagant” Petron gas station along Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez in Quezon City.

The comfort room goes beyond public expectations as it gives a taste of luxury to those stopping over, dismissing the usual dirty and fusty public toilets.

Netizens shared their experience on using the said comfort room that has gold-like accents.

Photo by Allec Testado/Facebook


Photo by Lea Santiago Garnodo/Facebook

Facebook user Allec Testado said she was “ completely shocked when I opened the "gates" and suddenly felt like a KING, yes a KING! ”

She kidded in her caption, “Nominating this to #GoldenKubetaPH2017.”

Another netizen, who comes by the name Lea Santiago Garnodo, also shared her royalty-like experience on the same toilet. She said it was clean and astonishing.

You will also see on the wall a framed cardboard with a text “at PETRON you are KING.”

If only all public toilets are like this, bet peeing will take you an hour.

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