WATCH: First trailer of Sony’s ‘Venom’ spinoff movie

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED February 9, 2018 10:10 am

(Inside Manila) The first trailer for Sony Entertainment’s standalone “Venom” movie— starring Tom Hardy as the titular Spider-Man supervillain — is here, and it lacks “Venom” but filled with generic action movie shots and unspecified supernatural activity.

Fans have waited 10 years to see Spider-Man's arch nemesis return to the big screen, and the wait may just go for naught as the two-minute teaser went underwhelming.

Venom is a gooey alien symbiote that bonds with a human host and imbues them with super strength, shapeshifting powers, and the ability to copy Spider-Man's webslinging. But these aren’t shown or told in the trailer. There’s not even a glimpse of the iconic suit, just a split-second shot of black dribble.

The last time fans saw Venom on screen was in “Spider-Man 3”, the last installment of the trilogy led by actor Tobey McGuire (Spider-Man) way back in 2007.

Venom as depicted in the 2007 "Spider-Man 3". YouTube/Screenshot

The teaser features the back of Tom Hardy's head as he moodily walks around, shots of him getting an MRI scan, cars exploding and people running, all while he voiceovers about how people have “our own demons.”

One thing to look forward in the movie is how Sony will play a supervillain it called a “lethal protector”. “Venom” is set to hit US theaters on October 5.



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