6 reasons why couples should instead go on a travel date this Valentine's Day

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED February 5, 2018 03:59 pm
Photo from @followmeto/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Valentine’s Day has always been known for romantic gestures, cheesy pickup lines, hearts and flowers as well as the infamous Valentine's Day dates.

But if you're planning to make this year's hearts' day pretty unique, why not go on a travel date instead of the regular dine-out dates?

Skeptical? Let us give pretty credible reasons to pack up for this love season.

Valentine's Day dates are a bit overrated

In this day and age, eat out and dinner dates have pretty much run its course for couples. In fact, these 'sit down' dates are not that popular to millennials anymore who are always on the hunt for new places to discover that are both enjoyable and affordable.

It's a breath of fresh air—literally!

Not only travel dates are a new sight and experience to behold both for you and your date, it also exposes to greener environment that is ultimately good for the well-being. Like these locations perfect to spend the long weekend at—maybe even for Valentine’s!

It's a better way to know your date

On travel dates, there's no other person you can lean and trust to but your date. This kind of trip is also a good conversation topic to start with that can ultimately 'break the ice' between you two.

There are better chances to have an Instagrammable moment in travel dates

When on an eat-out or dinner date, the 'Instagrammable' moments are pretty limited: the candle lit dinner, your date, the place, and the table are pretty much the 'scenery'. But on travel dates, both you and your partner can  see so much more and discover spaces that can be pretty romantic and picturesque for you and your date.

Some travel dates are actually much cheaper

When analyzed, fancy dinner dates that cost more than P1000 only pays for the brand, the food—and that's pretty much it. But with travel dates, you can set up a budget and search around it to find locations and accommodations that fit. There are also actual date locations that are both enjoyable and won't go borderline splurging.

Travel dates are much enjoyable!

Any dates are pretty fun especially when you’re with your significant other. But wouldn't it be better to do something new this year? Like going out of town, trekking, swimming or any outdoor activities that strays from the usual ‘eat, sit, and be sweet’. Today, most millenials crave for new experiences and picturesque spaces that ultimately lead to memories worth-remembering. Always.


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