Legarda is beacon of art for NCCA

Anna Meer
PUBLISHED December 22, 2016 05:08 pm
Senator Loren Legarda receives Dangal ng Haraya award from NCCA chair Felipe de Leon Jr. on Dec. 21. Photo grabbed from Twitter account loren legarda.

Female senator Loren Legarda is this year’s recipient of the Dangal ng Haraya award. Given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), it is an award meant to recognize significant and outstanding contributions to the Philippine cultural and artistic sphere.

“In a political and social climate lacking in appreciation for our artistic heritage, Sen. Legarda serves as a beacon for her heroic efforts in harnessing her legislative expertise to dignify the loftiest expressions of the Filipino soul,” NCCA writes in the citation.

NCCA chair Felipe de Leon Jr. recognizes Legarda as “the foremost proponent in enabling the Filipino spirit, nurturing national identity and creativity through her dedication, heroic legislative work and enduring passion for the preservation, promotion and safeguarding of cultural heritage.”

Aside from the countless art projects, cultural events, and scholarship programs that Legarda pioneered upon taking office in 1998 and 2007, she has legislated the Philippine Climate Change Act, Enhanced Basic Education, Philippine Tropical Fabrics Law, and Batanes Responsible Tourism Act.

Through enacting the government to fund IP communities, protect natural resources, and incorporate arts in education, Legarda effectively merges cultural solidarity, environmental concern, and heritage preservation in the Filipino consciousness. These laws are her legacy.

“Thank you NCCA. It is with great honor that I accept the Dangal ng Haraya award. I am forever humbled and grateful,” Legarda says in her Twitter account.

Former recipients of the Dangal ng Haraya award were Edgardo Angara (Patronage of arts and culture, 2013), F. Landa Jocano (Outstanding contributions to cultural and historical research, 2014), and Susan Calo-Medina (Patron of arts and culture, 2016).




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