Interior Styling Tips for


by Pearl Bacasmas, March 28, 2019 5:30pm

Art by Allen Mirambel


Interior Styling Tips for Millennials

by Pearl Bacasmas, March 28, 2019 5:30pm
Art by Allen Mirambel

Millennials are creative beings by nature, highly individualistic, and practical with home styling and unique living needs. Millennials love high-tech features, bold design finishes, and adaptable designs that evolve with them over time—this includes functional items filled with personality.

Interior stylist Marilen Montenegro provided inspiration and insights into discovering one’s home design style.

Most millennials prefer to live in convenient locations like condominium units within the city; a small space often faces design concern. We turned to Interior Design stylist/blogger Marilen Faustino-Montenegro during the Mejore workshop on her take in budget-friendly millennial interiors: smart, original, and creative designs that are both customizable and functional for small space solutions.

Here are her seven budget-friendly tips that will help millennials optimize even the smallest of spaces:

Build an online mood board

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Millennials are highly visual and curators of their right—they have access to Pinterest, design blogs, and they google everything nowadays. But those pretty pictures don’t always align with what they want. Marilen says to take time to curate your space and spark your creativity. Start with the overall theme and color palette; go through this interior design journey as an adventure. 

Use multipurpose storage space

Storage space is the number one issue in living in a small space. The stylist/blogger commends how millennials take the challenge head-on and expertly handle their own space by using multifunctional storage pieces—hidden storage compartments that help get rid of clutter and create an illusion (think wooden bed pallet and old trunks as nightstands).

Be realistic with your furniture needs

There’s no shortage of affordable smart, saving space in the market to help maximize your space. Marilen recommends exploring customizable pieces of furniture that could easily fit in a small space. 

Brighten your space (and future)

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Lighting may be the most basic home function that often gets taken for granted—it’s one of the simplest and cheapest ways to upgrade a home; invest in good lighting to increase productivity and elevate your mood; bad lighting can make space look dated or tired. As the social media generation, Millennials take lighting seriously because it can be a good foundation, not just literally for the ‘gram.

Mix the highs and the lows

Marilen advises not to be afraid to mix up more elevated pieces be it an affordable yet comfortable sofa with something that may feel out-of-place like high-end appliances. Millennials like things that make their life easier such as smart appliances and multitasking pieces.

Combine your favorite design styles

As part of the workshop session, Marilen discussed the different design trends: Modern, Minimalist, Mid-Century, Traditional, Transitional, Bohemian, and Tropical. Then she led a mood board making session to help the participants navigate their options when selecting home design particularly furniture and home accessories.

Marilen assisted the participants in conceptualizing their one-of-a-kind pieces that can be produced through Custom Mejore, the shop’s made-to-order service—which Mejore provides quality and innovative products unique to their clients.

Create your Hygge spot

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From the Dutch word for “comfort,” Hygge is a style trend, and a must for the millennial generation. Brought by the binge culture, millennials prioritize a space that delivers an atmosphere of intimacy and coziness. Invest in comfy cushions, rugs or throws, chunky-knit blankets, and soft furniture covers—try combining a variety of textiles and textures.

A comfortable space to relax in sums up this generation’s idea of the perfect home. Mix and match different interior design elements to create a specific feel or a more personal vibe instead of using a particular design style. Marilen encourages every millennial to unleash their creativity and grasp home styling. “There is nothing more inspiring than waking up to a home you love,” Marilen said, emphasizing that the benefits of knowing one’s style go beyond the aesthetic—not only can one avoid a Hodge-Podge look, one can also save a lot of money because fewer purchase mistakes will be made.


Follow Marilen Faustino-Montenegro on Instagram @marilenstyles, or Twitter @marilenmonte.  Visit her interior design and lifestyle blog at for inspiration on home and design.

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