Self Care

Embrace All These So-Called

Beauty Flaws

by Shara Mae Balce, March 28, 2019 10:54am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Self Care

Embrace All These So-Called Beauty Flaws

by Shara Mae Balce, March 28, 2019 10:54am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Beauty comes in all forms and it has varied throughout time. The definition and context of beauty vary from country to country. But one common thing about it is that perception of good looks refers to socially constructed physical standards of feminine beauty presented both in popular and alternative media.

Some people, especially women, are bombarded by these images of “perfect physique.” As we age, a few parts of our body seems to dwindle and some may find their own skin tone, cellulite-dimpled thighs, and facial hair unattractive. You may be ashamed of these visible changes and they may change the way you perceive yourself. But remember, they are natural and can even be beautiful. Almost all women in the world face these things and there is nothing you should feel like hiding these supposed flaws: they represent your changing body and it’s normal.

Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are sexy. Say it with me

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Narrow streaks or lines often appear on the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen; these hinders a few women in flaunting their amazing bodies. Stretch marks appear because of puberty, weight changes or pregnancy (all normal phenomenons). All bodies stretch and develop over time, and you'll likely find you're not alone in having those clear lines. Stretch marks symbolize that you are living your life. Embrace them as your body’s natural accessory because it marks your growth and growth is a good thing.


The latest beauty trends are all over freckles, small brown spots on the skin areas that get sun exposure.Science explains that the small dots, usually appear on the face and shoulders, contain high amounts of melanin—a substance responsible for pigmenting hair, eyes, and skin.  Although some people were born with freckles, try to get rid of or hide them, others think they are beautiful—some people even get them tattooed and faux freckle makeup trend is all over the internet. The trend seems to be a celebration and a reminder that freckles are gorgeous!

Facial Hair

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Facial hair is common for men and some may find it bizarre for women having unwelcomed hair on their faces. The result: some ladies opt to hide the fuzz on their upper lip, cheeks, or between the eyebrows. Some may shave or wax everything off and enjoy hair-free skin, others let it grow for many reasons—that’s fine as long as you do it for you, not for anyone else. Do not let modern female beauty standards define you. Having a hairy face is okay just like men having a mustache. Now is the time to embrace it and feel right about your body.

Curly Hair

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It’s ironic how some women with curly hair straighten it and straight-haired girls have their hair permed. But if you’re one of those who’ve hated their curly hair, this is to tell you that you are beautiful with those ringlets out. So stop fighting your curls and adore every wavy inch of it.


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Positive Vibes Only

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Hormonal changes and our chosen lifestyle, change our body and cellulite could be among the results. Others consider cellulite as flabs, believing it can be removed through exercise. It’s true that exercise may help reduce the appearance of dimply skin but not to cure it at all. Cellulite appears visibly on the skin when fat deposits push through connective tissues, causing the skin to crease. But since estrogen mainly causes it, experts say about 90% of women around the world have this—even those who are otherwise fit—so there’s nothing to feel bad about it.

Skin Tone

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People from different races have different skin tones. In the Philippines, having a white glowing skin means beauty. This cultural conditioning leads to more Filipinos embracing the colonial mentality that being mestiza is better than the natural kayumanggi skin. Those who were born with fair skin put extra efforts to get tanned, believing that having one makes them look young. But whatever your skin tone is, always remember that this isn't defining your beauty—how you carry yourself in any situation does. Flaunt your natural glow and celebrate what makes you you.


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#RitaDanielaforFHM #BodyPositivity • I am a proud Filipina. . People used to think I am Korean, Japanese, and sometimes Latina. I am partly Chinese and Spanish. Whatever we look, we are all beautiful children of God. . . To all the women who has been very hard on themselves, lost their confidence and self love, . It is not too late to face all your fears and be the better version of yourself. You do good things or bad, people will always say something about it, so might as well, do your thing with purpose. Embrace your imperfections and your scars. Let's celebrate your pain for I am with you in this chapter of yours. Do not be afraid to show the world who you truly are and what you're capable of. You are beautiful, my dear. Inside and out. You alone is enough. You don't have to change any of yourself to meet the standards of the wordly things. What you have is okay, it will grow. It's your path, in your own pace. No pressure. Slowly but surely, you will get there. We will get there. . Do not be afraid to take the risk, or you will lose the chance. Go out and be proud. Let them be you. Just be. . . Nothing but love, Rita D.

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Been tagged as “fat” or “too skinny?” Don't mind them. Know that whatever your body shape is, you are beautiful and your curves aren’t a problem. Let your body settle on its natural shape. As long as you are happy and feel good about it, it is your body and it will always be. No one has a perfect figure. Confidence is one of the most attractive and sexiest traits you could have.

Our bodies aren’t perfectly made and everyone everywhere can relate to that. Any part of your body that seems unqualified for the societal standards does not make you any less attractive. One beauty standard that should prevail are the ones we set for ourselves. Learn to love your body for what it’s worth. But do not beat yourself up much about those so-called beauty flaws, let those imperfections empower you instead.


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