Here are basic travel etiquette you need to know, according to the United Nations

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED January 19, 2018 12:03 pm
Photo by Archie Binamira/Pexels

(Inside Manila) In case you didn't know, the United Nations' World Tourism Organization started a campaign called "Travel. Enjoy. Respect." with it is a guide on tourism etiquette. The campaign serves as an awareness to be a responsible traveller and engage tourists to be catalysts for positive change.


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The "Tips for a Responsible Traveler" helps travelers to make responsible decision and leave a positive impact on destinations they visit.

Below are some useful tips from the guide every traveler should know:

Honor your hosts and our common heritage

The first etiquette encourages tourists to learn about local customs, traditions and social condition of the destination, as this can be a great way to build understanding of the local community.

Learning few local languages, experience and respect the destination's different and unique heritage and being courteous before taking photographs of people are suggested under this etiquette.

Protect our planet

This etiquette encourages reducing waste to all natural resources. It also highlights the importance of wildlife and their natural habitats, and discourages the purchase of endangered animals or even plants.

Support the local economy

This etiquette gives importance to the locally-made handicrafts and products, as well as respect for the local vendors and artisans' livelihood by paying them a fair price.

It insists to discourage tourists from buying counterfeit products and prohibited items by the national/international regulations.

Be an informed traveller

A respectful tourist should first take appropriate health and safety measures prior and during the trip.

This etiquette also informs the traveller to research well before engaging in any volunteerism and to choose tourism operators with environmental and community projects.

Be a respectful traveller

The last etiquette advices travellers to be well informed and abide by the national law and regulations.

It also sways tourists to not be involved in exploitation of children and giving alms to children begging in the streets but instead support community projects.

It encourages taking photos of protected cultural artifacts and giving honest travel reviews and promoting positive travel experiences upon return.



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