This new café along Taft is the perfect place to spend your sleepless thesis nights

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED January 18, 2018 03:16 pm | UPDATED January 20, 2018 02:47 pm

(Inside Manila) Pulling on an all-nighter for a research project is no joke. Aside from sacrificing a good night’s sleep, it is a challenge to find a place open for 24 hours where Internet connection and power sources are available. Most students will opt to stay in coffee shops but that would mean buying pricey drinks they do not exactly need. Plus, some cafés close even before the clock strikes midnight.

Students and even young pros have long been wishing for a place with strong Wi-Fi signal and power outlets where they can comfortably work all night at a reasonable price. In 2016, that wish was granted when Diligence Café or DCaf opened along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.


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Diligence Cafe took the food business industry by storm because of its one-of-a-kind service. The "study cafe" offers high-speed internet connection and unlimited coffee or juice at a reasonable price. They even offer snacks and rice meals. It is open from 12:00nn to 7:00am, perfect for those who really need to stay up all night.

And the best part? It offers a place to sleep for the night and even shower services when you are running late.

But just when things couldn’t get better, it did. Diligence Café’s management decided to open another branch! This is great news students, young pros, and all you hardworking people!

The shop has been a blessing for cramming students and professionals, and Diligence Café CEO, Elmerei Cabello Cuevas thinks it would be a great idea to open a second shop to cater to their customers.

Diligence Cafe will launch a new store at 1963 Taft Avenue, Manila (near LRT Quirino Station, Southbound lane) as they want more people to enjoy their services.

“What started out as a vision of having a place for people to be productive in 2013 became a reality in August of 2016 along Katipunan Avenue. We continue to envision Diligence Cafe to be the top productivity cafe for visionaries and world-changers, and promote Diligence and Vision with a sense of Destiny,” Cuevas said.

Those who are avid followers of the shop probably visited it in the past week as it had its soft opening on January 12 but if you want to fully experience their unique and excellent services, do not miss their grand launch on January 20, Saturday.

People who live far from Katipunan Avenue will finally have the chance to experience the comfort brought about by Diligence Café. Let the all-nighter games begin!



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