What will happen to teachers’ salary hike now?

Michaela Andrea
PUBLISHED January 12, 2018 09:10 am
Photo from ADB

(Inside Manila) “The intention is there. It will not be taken back.”

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Thursday, January 11, clarified the plan of President Rodrigo Duterte to increase the salary of teachers, following the wage hike all members of the military, police, and other uniformed personnel in government.

He gave the statement after Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that double the pay of teachers is not a priority of the administration but the ‘Build, Build, Build’ infrastructure program amounting to P8 to P9 trillion as well as social protection.  

The government will have to shell out about P1 trillion if the pay increase will push through.

“What you need to note is that President says he wants to increase the salaries of teachers. He does not go back on his promises; he will increase the salary of teachers by as much as we can,” Roque explained.

Roque also clarified that doubling the salaries was his own speculation.

Meanwhile, Diokno said that it is better to consider the pay hike in 2020, which is after the full implementation of salary standardization law (SSL).

Under SSL, all government worker, including public school teachers, will have an average pay increase of 15 to 16%. Another pay hike will be experienced the following year.



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