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Plus-Size People Share Why

Weight Comments ‘Weigh’ Them

Down No More

by Sherry Tadeja, March 28, 2019 4:38pm

Big and beautiful!

Vox Pop

Plus-Size People Share Why Weight Comments ‘Weigh’ Them Down No More

by Sherry Tadeja, March 28, 2019 4:38pm
Big and beautiful!

We’ve all seen how this era pushes for a more body-positive society. It’s still a work in progress but we’ve seen uplifting developments; first the rise of plus-size models in the likes of international model Ashley Graham, and our very own Katrina Gumabao who walked at the 2017 New York Fashion Week. There’s also the rise of size-inclusive local clothing brands

The changing landscape of body positivity also affects the way regular plus-size individuals think of themselves and from their statements alone, you'd think “why do weight comments even weigh?” A mentality we know we all need especially today. See their empowering answers below:

“Ang ginawa ko lang is ACCEPTANCE, accept ko yung fact na ganito ako. Makita ko yung good side ng pagging plus size ko kung ano pwede mangyare sa akin or magandang idudulot. Darating sa point na marami nangbu-bully sayo, pero kaya naman hindi ako na depressed is because in-accept ko ano kayang ibigay sa akin ng body ko (referring sa career). And dahil andiyan mga kaibigan ko, nagtatanggol at laging nagpo-positive sa akin, sila na nga mismo nagsasabi wag na ako magpapayat, para mas maraming roles, even other directors, everytime inaasar ako ng mataba, baboy, sinsabi ko sarili ko nlng sakanila na ‘My weight is not what I wish it would be, but I am a kind, interesting person.’ Isa pa pala—loving yourself, after mo i-accept sarili mo then mahalin mo sarili mo—mahalin mo value mo,”

- Donna, 22, Actress

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“Okay so, I really don’t care what people think of me. Kaya, I’m not bothered by weird and judgmental looks. And another thing is I’ve been teased a lot when I was a kid and it sort of got old. Like you know when masugatan ka at the same spot paulit-ulit, your skin gets thick and you don't feel pain anymore. Also, I want to inspire plus size girls like me. TBH, I'm still working on my confidence. I HATE my flabs, stretch marks, and bulky body pero there’s no use in hiding it. We all have those and we just have to accept our flaws,”

- Louise, 24, Marketing Manager

“I remember my friends asking me that same question and I told them, “Wala, I just don’t think of myself as ugly because I’m plus sized. I don’t see my weight as a hindrance to the things I can do, and my weight isn’t something that I should be ashamed of.” I feel in today’s society, it’s so easy to look at yourself and see the negatives because everyone convinces you that not looking like this celebrity or not acting like this person, or not having the same opinions as this person makes you instantly unattractive or unworthy of love. In this day and age, confidence either inspires or scares people — and that’s sad because what’s scary about loving and accepting your true self? It doesn’t bother me whenever someone makes comments about my weight, because what’s important for me is loving and appreciating myself — flaws and all,”

- Jia, 24, Makeup Artist

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“I've struggled with my weight all my life. And sadly, I used to think I was only worth loving if I kept my weight below a certain number. I did it all—crash dieting, starving myself, you name it—all to please other people. It was at my lowest weight that I was unhappiest.

But I slowly started realizing that I am worth more than a number on a scale. I am fat. And fat doesn't make me ugly. It doesn't make me unhealthy or lazy. And it certainly doesn't make me unlovable.

I am fat. But I am so many other things too. I am beautiful and brave and blessed. And how I look doesn't define who I am,”

- Louise, 29, Spoken Word Artist

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“Though it took time to be at home with my plus size self I did always consider it as my brokenness to the point of having a depression that I am good for nothing. And what amazes me is that there are still people who believe in me and I hold on to their words and by blind faith, I gave my best to the best as I can be. By first being at home with myself and accept my so-called limitations and do the limitless things anybody can dare to do. The struggle regarding that part of me being bothered is still there it will never disappear but we can do something about it. Since it is always a choice to be what others say or be what you know,”

- Blain, 32, Freelance Actor

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“I think every individual needs to appreciate who they are and be proud. And for me, that’s the case, however, the road to that confidence is difficult. Before I get bullied by my size I learned that regardless of the size you should be fashionable and you should always look good. I am super fond of watching fashion series of Hollywood and I draw inspirations from what I see on those series and I read blogs so when I was able to find my own style I keep it my own. People would comment that they love how I look especially when I did fashion blogging and attend fashion shows people appreciated the way I dress myself and from there I realize I could become fashionable and I need to have my own style,”

- Darel, 30, Professor & Fashion Blogger

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“I don't think I'll ever be not bothered by comments on my weight or anything related to my appearance kasi tao lang din naman ako, pero what changed with me was how I dealt and continued to deal with those comments. I learned to extend more love to myself and became more mindful about letting negativity weigh me down,”

- Abby, 32, Copywriter

Everyone has been in a phase where we wish our physical appearances are better. As an individual, you can change it—or not. Like tiger stripes, no one has the same pattern. Your curves, flabs, and flaws make you you. Why not embrace it? Kween Whitney Houston herself said, the greatest love of all is loving yourself. And in loving oneself we become empowered—empowered enough to uplift others, too.

Interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.


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