'The Moffatts' are back and they have a new single!

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PUBLISHED January 9, 2018 04:32 pm | UPDATED January 9, 2018 04:43 pm
Poster release

(Inside Manila) After 18 years since they last released new music, Canadian pop rock band The Moffatts makes a comeback to the scene with a brand new single!

The Moffatts on January 10 are set to release the first single "Secrets" from their new six-song EP of the same name. It will follow the footsteps of the band's past records, which features powerful harmonies, infectious and rhythmic melodies, and great guitar licks.

The Moffats will begin touring in late April of 2018.

The Moffatts consists of four brothers: Bob Moffatt – Drums, Programming, and Vocals; Clint Moffatt – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals; Dave Moffatt – Keyboards, and Vocals; and Scott Moffatt – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Programming, and Vocals.

Back in the late 90’s The Moffatts were EMI Music’s #1 International Priority, and toured the world extensively, where they sold in excess of 7 million albums, and were presented with Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries – which included going 10X’s platinum in The Philippines.  Their last album, “Submodalities” featured the #1 hit – “Bang Bang Boom”, which at the time was the fastest #1 single in Canadian music history.

The Moffatts signed their first record deal in 1994, and at the time they became the youngest band to ever sign a recording contract from a major label. Label mates were none other than Shania Twain, and Toby Keith. In 1997 The Moffatts changed genre and signed a new deal with EMI Electrola out of Cologne, Germany.

They were not performing as a band from year 2000 to present but they all had something to keep them busy. Scott was the producer that broke Thailand's most successful international pop rock band Slot Machine and currently produces country music superstar Luke Combs.

On the other hand, Bob and Clint released a number of projects under several names while Dave chose to pursue the spiritual path of Yoga until mid-2017 before returning to the world of music.

The Moffatts last visited the Philippines in February 2017, about 16 years since they last performed live in the country, for their "Farewell Tour".



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