6 Physical Health benefits of Trekking

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED January 9, 2018 11:28 am
Photo taken from Novice Trekker Blogspot

(Inside Manila) The satisfying and refreshing tour of the great outdoors offers not just invigorating sights, moments of self-reflection, but also provides a number of health benefits ranging from your physical, mental to spiritual well-being. Here are some of the unique physical benefits of trekking or hiking.

Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Since trekking requires you to cover long distances by walking up and down hills, your heart has to pump and work harder to keep up with the oxygen demand of your body. Though trekking is not necessarily a high intense sport, the heart rate does maintain a steady, increased rate, increasing blood flow to the muscles and the brain.

Builds strong bones

Trekking requires your finest physical effort, for it requires stretching, jumping, climbing and dodging at several intervals.  Such small bursts of exercises make bones stronger. Hikers also have the added beneficial burden of carrying supplies, such as water, first aid kids, clothes, food and camping equipment which would mean added weight on the shoulders and spine. This weight training, when carried properly, can help add on bone density thereby achieving overall fitness.

Agile muscles

One thing a trekker would surely achieve is excellent muscle strength. The energy and strain that a trekker requires while on a trekking tour would lead to exercising of each and every muscle in the body, from the core abdominal muscles to the quads and calves, thus making body flexible and muscles agile.

Weight control

Climbing around boulders and light runs or sprints are among the common activities while trekking the outdoors.  These activities would help shed unwanted fats and water down your weight.

New look on workout

Trekking can be as easy as sprinting around your locality, or as difficult as a mountain climb depending on one’s current physical activity level. Unlike the treadmill and other gym equipment, trekking offers new scenery, fresh air, different terrain and sometimes, wildlife encounters which will all encourage you to trek more!

Improves sense of balance and focus

Trekking often requires you to be focused on the activity at hand. To do that, you must clear your thoughts, gather yourself and prepare your mind to face topographical challenges. Trekking also improves your sense of balance, thanks mainly to walking over uneven terrain and small ridges.



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