Take note of these updates for Traslacion 2018

Michaela Andrea
PUBLISHED January 4, 2018 03:15 pm
Photo by Ezra Acayan/Reuters

(Inside Manila) Manila Police District (MPD) has imposed some rules to ensure the safety of millions of devotees on January 9, the feast of the Black Nazarene,

Gun Ban

MPD said gun ban in Manila will start on the midnight of January 8 to midnight of January 10.

Only uniformed personnel will be allowed to carry their firearms on the said dates.

The police added that those who have “compelling reasons” to ask for exemption should avoid Manila during the aforementioned period.

Liquor Ban

MPD is also waiting for Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada to sign the order on Liquor Ban.

If approved, the sale, consumption, and distribution of liquor within the 500-meter radius of the procession route as well as the Quirino grandstand will be prohibited.

The effectivity of liquor ban will be from 6:00 am of January 8 to 6:00 am of January 10.

No-fly and sail zone

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines also ordered ‘no-fly zone’ for aircrafts and drones within the airspace above the procession route.

All organizers who wish to use drones in the area must secure an approval from the authorities.

Philippine Coast Guard  (PCG) will enforce no-sail zone around Quirino Grandstand and in the areas of Jones bridge and MacArthur Bridge on the day of the feast.

They will also conduct patrols from Manila Yacht Club to Pier 15.

For “extreme emergencies” water vehicles will be escorted by the PCG.

Intermittent signal

National Telecommunications Commission and telecommunications companies will also temporarily shut down signals within one-kilometer radius of the andas to further ensure the security of devotees.



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