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These Shoes Are Still

Perf To Use Whenever,


by Sherry Tadeja, March 26, 2019 10:03am

Office in the front, Tita at back

Beauty and Fashion

These Shoes Are Still Perf To Use Whenever, Wherever!

by Sherry Tadeja, March 26, 2019 10:03am
Office in the front, Tita at back

There’s no denying the shoes of before (like 18th century before) are making a comeback today. See how young adults are into classic-styles soles? The pointed heels are not as much raved but replaced by block heels, it's more comfortable, undeniably classier. Rounded-pointed flats are in-demand too—a pair you can rock whether it’s a casual walk or acing the day at the office.

We think the snitch in shoes is this: people want versatile shoes. A pair they can wear anywhere without feeling too extra or too underdress for the occasion—a mentality obvious to young Tito/Tita in the making.

Guilty? We are too! And we wouldn't deny it, so much so that we got you brands to answer all your shoe-woes and classic pair cravings, check them out!

Oxford Shoes

Oxford type shoes are those hard-leather shoes usually worn by men in formal occasion only. It has also evolved using other materials rather than genuine leather like materials like suede, calf leather, canvas, and faux leather. Today even when you’re in your smart casual, uniform in formal wear, oxford shoes can be your thing.

In case you’re wondering where to find quality oxford shoes to last a hand-me-down, Zapateria, a co-creation hub in Marikina for shoe hobbyists, designers, and makers can bring to life your dream oxford.

Photo from Zapateria Hub/Instagram

For more information, visit Zapateria on Facebook and Instagram.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes are made out of canvas or leather shoes used when riding a boat for its grip-ability on a wet deck. Boat shoes have navigated the style ladder from where it originated. Today, it’s paired with jeans or slacks for a smart-casual look.

Nobleman Shoes can get you the boat shoe you never knew you needed. They may come in limited colors (khaki, brown, red, black) and style (suede & leather) but it's all you can ever need.

Photo from Nobleman Shoes/Instagram

For more information, visit Noble Man on Facebook and Instagram.


Mule is a shoe tracing its origin back to Ancient Rome. Mules don’t have a supporting structure at the back unlike a regular shoe but it’s enclosed at the front. It makes true the quote "business in the front, party in the back". But more like "business in the front, Tita at the back". Mule-type shoes are uber comfortable to wear and a perfect example of a pair you can wear at any type of occasion.

Gents, get your mule-madness at Platypus Manila where they make stylish "platymules" for the stylish gentleman.

Photo from Platypus Manila/Instagram

For more information, visit Platypus Manila on Facebook and Instagram.

Block Strap Sandals

These sandals are the trendy, chunky-heeled sandals we literally see worn by anyone, anywhere today. Unlike pointed heels, these bunch is a lot more comfortable for it supports your whole weight unlike a pointy block from stilettos.

Tiptoes PH can be your go-to Instagram shop for anything strappy and block heels. They have a roster of colors and styles you'd want to get one of everything at least.

Photo from Tiptoes PH/Instagram

For more information, visit Tiptoes PH on Facebook and Instagram.

Slip-On Shoes

Typically low and lace-less, slip-on shoes is another variation of mules. They’re more rounded on the front, fabric-type shoe rather than leather-like mules. It's perfect for when you're running late and your trusty loafers aren't anywhere. A chic-chill shoe, if you ask us.

Slide into a slip-on with shoes from Glitz En Dazzle. They lean more on the neutral-toned and pastels colors making it lowkey yet suitable for any look.

Photo from Glitz & Dazzle/Instagram

For more information, visit Glitz En Dazzle on Facebook and Instagram.

Block Slippers

The ultimate upgrade to the classic tsinelas. A crisscross-styled block sandal gives at least a two-inch plus height to its wearer. Perfect to wear to a not-so-serious event, going to the mall, going to the beach, buying groceries, or anywhere you feel tsinelas is too underwhelming to wear.

Astrid & Rose has a roster of this really Tita sandals. The shop also has thin-strappy block heels, doll shoes, beauty and skincare products for that all-in-one.

Photo from Astrid & Rose/Instagram

For more information, visit Astrid & Rose on Facebook and Instagram.


The existence of flip-flops is a proof there's really a sole out there for your toes you can use for more than one occasion. Flip-flops are the go-to footwear when you're out and about, under the sun or just around a beach. The shoes' style is thoroughly open with a strap at the back for support and a small leather to cover the base of the wearer’s foot.

Best Swims PH got your back not just only for flip-flops but also to other summer paraphernalia like swimsuits, tropical dresses, tank tops, shorts and more. Why not haul?

Photo from Best Swims PH/Instagram

For more information, visit Best Swims PH on Instagram.

Whether you’re feeling Tita or not, go with these shoes you can use in more ways than one! Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also resource-effective because you can wear the heck out of it. Anytime, anywhere.


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