WATCH: Filipina vloggers share their weight loss secrets

Michaela Andrea
PUBLISHED January 2, 2018 01:53 pm | UPDATED January 2, 2018 04:36 pm
Screegrab from Shek's Diary, Youtube

(Inside Manila) “New Year. New me.”

For some reason, we cannot stick to our yearly New Year’s resolution to live a healthy life, thus our bulging bellies.

But, hey! It is a new year. This is an opportunity to start with a clean slate and to really commit to our goals such us losing the excess weight.

Watch these vloggers as they share their weight loss journey.

Shek’s diary

Shek uses the Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet, a regime which requires much commitment.

The drop contains the HCG hormone found in pregnant women. She, however, advised her viewers to consult doctors before trying the diet.

Anne Clutz

Vlogger and mom Anne Clutz grabbed her inspiration to shed some weight for her kids. Despite the small space in their house and busy schedule, Clutz shared in her vlog the benefits of leaving healthy.

Kace Garcia

For Garcia, food is life. Like most of us, this beauty vlogger grew up with chubby body. Here’s what changed her body:

Anne Delos Santos

This Filipina vlogger from Canada had a wakeup call when her brother was diagnosed with prediabetes. She now shares her basic weight loss routine after her Instagram post inspired her followers to stay fit too!



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