Personality or looks? This survey tells us which is most valued by Filipinos

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED December 29, 2017 10:41 am

(Inside Manila) It’s surprising that even in this modern age, the definition of beauty still relies quite heavily on the outer appearance, blurring the character of an individual in the background. You can see it in TV commercials or advertisements—even on myriad false woke ones that use the movement only for personal profit. But do Filipinos really value looks over personality? Short answer: no.

According to a 20-country study by YouGov, a UK-based international online market research firm, they found that most Filipino surveyed are more likely to think a partner’s personality is more important than their looks, with 82% Filipino women and 70% of Filipino men ranking having “a personality I like” highest.

The second important trait for women is the compatibility of similar interests, followed by a good sense of humor and intelligence. YouGov continues on to reveal that the remaining 35% of women prefer good-looking men and the 4% for those who make a decent amount of money.

The case is different for Filipino men, though, where 65% chose physical appearance among their top qualities to look for in their romantic partners. Other attributes on men’s priorities rank from similar interests, sense of humor, and intelligence. It turns out, money doesn’t matter for Filipino men.



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