Year in Review: Top 5 inspiring stories featured in Inside Manila

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED December 28, 2017 04:45 pm

(Inside Manila) It seems that every year that passes is “a year like no other.” The year 2017 has a lot of experiences to recall with meaningful moments and great discoveries inside the metropolis.

It has been a big one for fresh and inspiring stories of people in the Metro that we never heard and read in old textbooks.

As we inch towards the beginning of 2018, let us take a look back at the top five inspiring stories that were featured in Inside Manila.

Hisham Go

Many have witnessed the positivity of Hisham Go. He was the youngest and the last of the Go brothers who was diagnosed with the same liver cancer his brothers Rowden and Hasset Go suffered. He has gone through some operations to treat his illness with continuous support from his family and friends who raised funds online and through a concert for a cause. Unfortunately, Moi’s health is not in good condition since they returned in November from China for a much advanced medical procedure. His stage 1 cancer progressed to stage 4. Moi passed away at the age of 27.

Jocen Gatela

The 24-year-old agent in a business process outsourcing company is a provider of words of wisdom to the solvent-users aka "rugby boys" in the streets of Monumento in Caloocan. Admitted that he had been addicted to marijuana at the young age of 16, Jocen aims to change the lives of the “rugby boys” through sharing the word of God and feeding them every week to encourage them to stop using solvent. After six years of being free from drug addiction, Jocen now sees himself as a man with dreams and heart for his fellow men by the grace of God.

Dara Tuazon

The teenage street kids teacher of Manila used to spend her summer vacation teaching the street children, who do not know how to read and write, at Gastambide Street. She had a temporary classroom beside the gate of her school, the University of the East (UE). By then, when Inside Manila interviewed Dara early in May, she is currently taking Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood. Aiming to make a change, Dara visions good forthcoming for the Gastambide kids in her own little way.  She encourages everyone, especially the future educators to share and give what they can do.

Geoselle dela Cruz

Known as the Cum Laude “Diskarte Queen” of University of the Philippines-Diliman, Geoselle proved that she can do what others deemed impossible. Her post about her journey as a student while juggling eight jobs went viral on social media. The unfortunate turn of events in her life made her even stronger as she managed to finish a bechelor’s degree in Tourism with Latin Honors. She believes that nothing is impossible for there is a God up there who will help us all the way.

Angeli Evangelista

The active and talented 22-year-old Mass Communication student of Adamson University has inspired many as she stood tall and proud even after she was diagnosed with Alopecia areata, a hair-loss condition. It happened in 2013 which made her decide to stop attending school for a while. Angeli shared how this condition became her downfall and how she conquered it making her inspiring story about her journey conquering this gradual hair-loss condition worth sharing. Her optimism and courage is truly like a queen’s that will never fade and lose by just dethroning the crown.

Thank you for inspiring us!



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