9 Female Sticker Artists

to Watch out for

at Sticker Con MNL


by Jace Amodo, March 15, 2019 3:00pm

Art by Allen Mirambel


9 Female Sticker Artists to Watch out for at Sticker Con MNL 2019

by Jace Amodo, March 15, 2019 3:00pm
Art by Allen Mirambel

In case you missed it, Fandom Feels PH, a homegrown brand known for pop culture-inspired stickers, brings back its haven of adhesive wonders, a.k.a. the Sticker Con MNL—It’s going to be the biggest gathering of sticker fans, collectors, and some of the best local sticker artists.

If the event name doesn't ring a bell, especially if you've been to lots of art conventions, you're missing out on the good stuff. Heck, we even created a Sticker Book. Now on its 2nd year, Sticker Con MNL, the first bazaar of its kind to focus on the artistry and commercial appeal of stickers, is sure to captivate sticker enthusiasts, hobbyists who use stickers in their craft, and pretty much anyone who has ever experienced the fun and thrill of collecting stickers—both as a cherished childhood memory and a longtime passion.

While we wait for stickers-o'clock, we picked some exhibiting artists we think you should keep your eyes peeled on. And because it transpires during Women's Month, we're putting the spotlight on female artists.

Camille Cabugnason

There’s a lot of talent and quality offered by local crafters and artists. With an overflowing number, however, keeping track of homegrown artists has become a difficulty. There's plenty of underrated artists today—Camille Cabugnason among them. Her art's inspired heavily by pop culture, K-Pop, and mental health awareness—a combo most con-goers are looking forward to seeing.

Photo from Camille Cabugnason/Instagram

Christine Luang

Fueled by girl power and self-love, Christine Luang uses her talent to inspire everyone to always be kind—be it to others, to other living things, to nature, and to ourselves. Drop by her booth and fill your stash with her sticker packs that shout "Girls, Girls, Girls!"

Photo from Christine Luang/Instagram

Kara Lagniton

Find your planner peace and up your bullet journalling game with Karagami. Its founder, Kara Lagniton, started with making handmade stamps, which has evolved to become therapy for her. Like her stamps, her stickers will feature our furry friends such as clear sticker doggos (pictured below) to give you "clear huggos."

Photo from Kara Lagniton/Instagram

Sab Diegor

If you're more of a watercolor art kind of person, Sab Diegor's illustrations can define your Sticker Con MNL experience. She applied her love for colorful art into her postcards, art prints, and—you guessed it—stickers!

Photo from Sab Diegor/Instagram

Nia Colinayo

If Nia's Instagram feed is any indication, she seems like she enjoys participating in the #drawthisinyourstyle. And hey, we're living for it! We're crossing our fingers she turns some of her art prints into stickers so we can stick them anywhere applicable.

Photo from Nia Colinayo/Instagram


From Sailor Moon to Boku no Hero Academia to Studio Ghibli characters, Haebi's shop will make you say kawaii desu ne.  Don't be fooled: though seemingly a collective, Haebi's the only human behind Studio Haebi, making designs, cutting stickers, and handling everything in place.  She's like the Owl City of designing stickers and we know how his music is.

Photo from Studio Haebi/Instagram

Ally Rocero

Ally and the cats of the Internet will throw a dash of color into the convention, much to the delight of feline fans. Keep your eyes peeled for her fresh batch of stickers, beautifully complemented by her new packaging designs.

Photo from Ally Rocero/Instagram

Cassy Cajucom

Who knew pastel colors can be paired with badassery? Cassy's illustration gives us that, with a hint of women empowerment. Her brand, Cassykicks has been around for a long time now, partnering with several brands along the way—a testament that Cassykicks is more than an aesthetically pleasing work of art.

Photo from Cassy Cajucom/Instagram

Betina Continuado

Betina is back for another round of Sticker Con and she's bringing her signature sweet and feisty stickers, including her new ones like My Uterus, My Choice, No Excuse For Abuse, Harassment is Not A Compliment, among others. Betsy Cola only sells at conventions, so drop by her booth at Sticker Con MNL 2019.

Photo from Betina Continuado/Instagram

To be honest, there are a lot of artists (over 200) worth mentioning that you have to go visit the convention to see for yourself. What’s more, you can take home free stickers and other collectible merch!

If the scenes from its kickoff last year were any indication, Sticker Con MNL is shaping out to be one of the crowd-favorite conventions. Ready your journals, gadgets, notebooks, and more for some massive sticker bombing and hoarding this weekend. Tickets are at 100php each and are available on-site.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook or follow @stickerconmnl on Facebook and Instagram.


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