Inside Manila's Release Radar:

New Music This March

by Maria Romero, March 15, 2019 2:01pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila's Release Radar: New Music This March

by Maria Romero, March 15, 2019 2:01pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

March's list of new music releases will get you high with hopes and inhibitions at the same time! Celebrate this empowering month with these empowering songs from our homegrown artists:

'Self Is Universe' by Ourselves the Elves
"The self is universe too. Don’t you cry when you did not do your best."

After years of waiting following their Geography Lessons EP in 2015, Ourselves the Elves released their first full-length album, Self Is Universe. It's a lullaby about showing off the universe residing in your inner self.

‘Mulat Na Mata’ by Typecast
“Sa mata ng lahat, ikaw ang biktima. Gagawin ang lahat para ‘di mapahiya.”

After 20 years in the industry, Typecast finally released their first-ever Tagalog single, “Mulat Na Mata”—about knowing a person’s true color. The release followed their announcement that they will be doing a series of shows in the US alongside Valley of Chrome.

‘Sober Up’ by Fern.
“Tell me, baby, can you make it stop? I need you to come and save me.”

Looking for remedies to help you sober up? Here's our secret: listen to Fern.'s latest single about sobering up from alcohol and even from a person.

‘Overboard’ by Leanne and Naara
“There’s no harm in trying all the things you still don’t know.”

If you’re feeling a little overboard, listen to this song by the R&B soul duo, Leanne and Naara. The song is about breaking mundane routines and taking the risk of showing the world your worth. It’s time to make up for the lost time from getting scared.

‘Team’ by Clara Benin
“Call all the ladies out, they're in their finery.”

As part of the record label frtyfve’s #TurnHerUp campaign in celebration of Women’s Month, Clara Benin released her version of Lorde’s "Team." The song is a reminder for every girl to own the world with her unique beauty.

‘Celeste’ by The Bed Bites
“Nawawala, bumabalik, nananabik makita ang mga ngiti.”

Following the release of their two singles “Milky Way” and “Moonpie” released in 2018, indie band The Bed Bites released their latest single “Celeste”. It’s a wish to turn back time to be with the person the writer loves, disguised as an alt-pop-rock song.

‘Paalam’ by Trisha Denise
“Kapwa lamang tayo nagi-isa, nalulungkot. Ginamot natin ang isa’t isa.”

From the official soundtracks of Paul Laxamana’s Project Feb. 14, “Paalam” amplifies the digital series’ plot of the baffling cycle of life, love, and death.

‘Milk’ by Cheats
“Living alone is easy, it’s keeping someone that’s impossible”

Following the release of their single for Jim and Saab Bacarro’s song for the passing of their daughter, Cheats' latest release will also move you. It narrates a story of grief and animosity towards loss and how life is an upside down cycle.

‘Gone’ by Invisibleants
“I look for you in places I go everywhere.”

Besides playing keys for December Avenue, Gelo Cruz is also making Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) behind his solo project, the Invisibleants. “Gone” is his first single this year featuring the vocals of Australia-based singer Vvallflower. It’s about the journey from longing and waiting for one's love and efforts to be reciprocated.

Happy listening! Stream the full playlist here:


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