7 Weird, Exciting Holidays

Celebrated Every March

by Jace Amodo, March 12, 2019 4:04pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


7 Weird, Exciting Holidays Celebrated Every March

by Jace Amodo, March 12, 2019 4:04pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Whatever the class, religion, and ethnic background are, Filipino women continue to play a significant role in history that strengthens the nation economically, culturally, politically, and much more. This month, those contributions will be given due recognition—it's "Women's Role in History Month!"

Expect plenty of observances prior to the celebration that promotes the myriad of recorded and unrecorded ways women have contributed to the nation’s growth. Meanwhile, on the sidelines of such an important occasion, quirky holidays are spread throughout the month.

March 14. Potato Chip Day
Imagine thin slices of potato, deep-fried until crunchy, served with a pinch of salt—how scrumptious is that? Every bite is a brief spell, enchanting you with its humble potato goodness. Give yourself a cheat day and snack on a large bag of chips like one of your french fries. While we recognize the beauty of solitude, Potato Chip Day is also best enjoyed with the company of your friends and lovers.


March 18. Awkward Moments Day
The time your voice cracked during a conversation or the time you realized you forgot your event tickets right after arriving at the venue may seem like an awkward scenario. But today, take a step back and see the bright side of your fails. It makes for an entertaining story for your future children (or just for yourself, that's cool too.) Stroll down awkward memory lane and sigh "ang funny pala 'no?"

March 20. Storytelling Day
As cliche as it sounds, everyone has their own stories to tell. However, not everyone has time, means or courage even, to tell the world their tales. Many people are turning to social media for expression, and while it’s a common ground we are standing, this day calls for personal conversations. Joining a storytelling event is best for listeners; organizing your own’s a piece of cake for talkers. Or do both, today’s a tastebreaker!


March 20. International Astrology Day
When the tropical Zodiac begins, astrology enthusiasts from around the globe will celebrate International Astrology Day. It's the calm before the storm because the observance occurs a day before Aries Season, the first sign of the zodiac, enters. Mark the occasion by familiarizing yourself with the zodiac signs. Tip: think of someone—a friend, a family member, an SO—of a Zodiac sign to get a better grasp of the information you're consuming.

March 23. Puppy Day
Who's up for a puppy appreciation day? We bet you are! More than an exciting holiday, though, this event promotes responsible pet ownership. Heed to the chorus of barks puppy mills cries and help put an end to inhumane treatment towards our furbabies. As always, "Adopt, Don't Shop." If this extra holiday goes uncelebrated, especially among avid puppy lovers, we're calling F.O. WE CAN'T GET ANY MORE SERIOUS.


March 26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Someone must have run out of ideas and thought: "You know what would be a great holiday? A Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Yeah, that works." But because many people like "choose your own story" books and series (Romeo and/or Juliet, Bandersnatch), this observance is worth noting. From organizing an annual reunion with the people you feel you should reunite with to planning your own "treat 'yo self" day—the possibilities are endless.

March 30. Take a Walk in the Park Day
Walking already has its remarkable health benefits, what more if the path is in a park? Lucky for us, Manila has plenty of spots to help you unwind. From Legazpi Park in Makati to La Mesa in QC, eco-parks and urban parks are accessible for all those in search of a stress-reliever and a mood-booster activity sans the shelling of bucks. Get up the couch. Breathe in the fresh air.

When the scene calls for it, acting upon a situation can be a breeze—the same is true for these quirky, uncommon holidays. It's all set there, ready for you and the rest of the world to observe.


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