Time magazine named #MeToo movement as person of the year

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED December 7, 2017 03:51 pm
Photo from @time/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Time Magazine hailed the social movement that raised awareness against sexual harassment and assault popularly known as #MeToo the most influential 'person' in 2017, the publication announced on Wednesday.

"This is the fastest moving social change we've seen in decades and it began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women - and some men, too - who came forward to tell their own stories," says Time Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal told NBC News. The magazine referred them as 'the silence breakers'

This is after series of allegation and sexual misconduct was confessed against prominent figures both in U.S. politics, media and entertainment which led to multiple investigation and even firings.

Even Hollywood stars are not exempted Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, Selma Blair, Terry Crews and pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift are among the known personalities who experienced sexual misconduct and abuse.

Social media has also played a big role on the promulgation of the movement, as more people made shared their stories; others used the social media platforms to share their own stories of assault and harassment using the hashtag #MeToo. Even Filipinos joined the movement, with limited characters but clear tales of sexual abuse proving the magnitude of the problem.

Other finalists include U.S. Depart of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller, North Korean President Kim Jong Un; "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins; football player-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick. - with a report from Reuters



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