Local Organizations Where You

Can Adopt A Pet

by Sherry Tadeja, March 15, 2019 8:53am

Adopt Not Shop


Local Organizations Where You Can Adopt A Pet

by Sherry Tadeja, March 15, 2019 8:53am
Adopt Not Shop

This shouldn’t be a question nor subject for debate—animals like humans deserve a safe and comfortable home where they can grow, love, be loved and live their best life. We share the world with these creatures so treating them right is our responsibility. Kindness is not complicated, after all.

A way you could contribute to this kindness is by adopting—a dog, a cat, or both. It’s rather cheap to foster than buy in pet shops. By adopting you earn a sense of fulfillment in saving a life, and in the long run, your adoptee has the potential to improve your mental health. Let’s thank these sanctuaries and organizations who rescue the abandoned, sick or mistreated animals. They dedicate their own hours to care and preserve life before finding them a suitable new home.

Check out these local pet shelters and organizations open for adoption:


CARA or the Compassion and Responsibility For Animals is a non-profit, non-government organization established by a group of animal lovers back in 2009. Even though CARA solely rely on private donations, the organization is one of the most notable animal-welfare group in the country.

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The organization is best known for its “Trap, Neuter, Return” or TNR, wherein they trap street cats, neuter/spay them and return them to their territory. TNR is the most humane and effective way to control the feline population in an area.

In terms of pet adoption, there are at least over 100 animals up for adoption. The adoption process at CARA includes choosing a pet, meeting the adoptee, filling up an application form, home visiting and an adoption fee of 800php for cats or 1200php for dogs. Don’t worry about necessary medical requirements as adoptees are already neutered or spayed and has updated vaccines.

For more information, visit or follow CARA on Facebook and Instagram.


The Philippine Animal Welfare Society or simply PAWS is a known local organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of animals.

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PAWS runs PARC (PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center) wherein they house stray and rescued cats and dogs from cruelty and neglect. They eventually rehabilitate them first, neuter or spay before setting them up for adoption. PAWS’ PARC currently has 240+ cats and 50+ dogs at the shelter.

The adoption process at PARC takes around 2 weeks to a month. It involves filling up an application form, meeting the pets up for adoption, an interview, ocular visit from PAWS, visiting your chosen adoptee at least three times to ensure compatibility before releasing. Adoption fee at PAWS are at 500php for cats and 1000php for dogs, which cover the vet fees for updated vaccines and spay/neuter procedures. Part of the adoption fee also helps on PARC maintenance.

PAWS also offer basic obedience training like free veterinary consultations and discounts to their adopted animals.

For more information, visit or follow PAWS on Facebook and Instagram.

Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART)

The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) is another private organization run by a dedicated group of volunteers pushing for animal welfare. The organization stresses its "No Kill Mission" campaign or the alleged euthanasia from animal pounds.

PART also have an album of ready-to-adopt pets on their website. What's more is that they not only cater to feline and canine but other animals such as well—duck, goat, turkey, and turtle. Currently, they have one duck and two turtles up for adoption.

For more information, visit or follow PART on Facebook.

MBY Pet Rescue Sanctuary

Started by Marita B. Yasuda, a Filipina in Japan who turned her home in Rizal into a sanctuary for cats and dogs. MBY Pet Rescue Sanctuary has well over 900+ cats and dogs under their care. It still is increasing as they actively take in rescued animals, especially the strays in worse conditions (this is seen in their daily Facebook video updates). Other than being open for adoption, they seek monetary and in-kind donations such as dog and cat food and fleece blankets. You may follow this link to know where you can send in such.

For more information, follow MBY Pet Rescue Sanctuary on Facebook.

Hound Haven

Unlike other animal shelters, Hound Haven caters to specifically to canines, caring and rehabilitating retired working dogs. These are the K9 dogs you see at public transportations, malls, events, etc. When a retired K9 goes to Hound Haven, they undergo behavioral training to groom them up for adoption.

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You could help Hound Haven in more ways than one; currently, they’re raising funds to create additional kennels for more retired K9 dogs #MakeMoreTailsWag. They also seek monetary and in-kind donations, volunteers, and dog sponsoring; this means a continues commitment to one of their adoptees with a specific amount over a specified period of time.

For more information, visit or follow Hound Haven Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

Cats Of BGC

Started by residents who live around BGC, the humans behind Cats of BGC takes care of the feline creatures around the area specifically in BGC High Street and Shangri-La The Fort. Other than feeding the cats around the area, the group pushes for the "trap-neuter-return" wherein they neuter the cats to control its population in the city.

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This little organization accepts adoptions monetary donations and is open for adoption. Follow this link to answer a form where you can find your purrfect match.

For more information, follow Cats Of BGC on Facebook and Instagram.

Laguna Pit Bulls Sanctuary

What was once a pit bull dog-fighting syndicate area in Laguna, is now a dog sanctuary catering to rescue pit bulls. CARA Welfare Philippines and IRO (Island Rescue Organization) has since then overseen the sanctuary which is now open both for adoption, volunteers, dog sponsorship and seeking monetary and in-kind donations.

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Currently, the sanctuary has eight dogs up for adoption and 29 up for sponsorship. The adoption requires a filled up adoption form at least two visits in the sanctuary, a home visit by a CARA representative, signed adoption contract, an adoption fee of 3,500php, and dog-care paraphernalia (dog food, bowls, crate, collar, and leash).

For more information, visit or follow Save The Laguna Pit Bulls on Facebook and Instagram.

Feline, canine or any kind of living creature deserve to live the life they are given. It’s our responsibility as humans to provide care. If adoption is not an option, there are numerous ways to help—volunteer, donate (either in-kind or monetary) or just co-exist harmoniously. They are in this world for a reason, so why not take good care of them?


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