This new The Yard in Timog gets inspiration from Stranger Things, Star Wars and more!

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED December 6, 2017 04:28 pm | UPDATED December 6, 2017 05:22 pm
Stranger Things-inspired food stall at The Yard StreetFood Cinema (Inside Manila file photo)

(Inside Manila) The Yard has always been a hit for every food lover but for their new branch, they are targeting more than just people who are in for a food trip.

To level up their game, the food park chain opened up the StreetFood Cinema in Quezon City and it is undoubtedly like heaven on earth for those who love good food and movie marathons.

Inspired by drive-in movie theaters where food trucks are present, The Yard StreetFood Cinema features a wide variety of cuisines and premium cocktails, which can be enjoyed while watching blockbuster hits from a big screen.

For people who haven't got a chance to visit this awesome food hub, Inside Manila will give you a sneak peek that will surely be a feast for your senses.

The unique 'under the stars' experience

The Yard StreetFood Cinema brags of its open-air cinema but even though it is wide open, the management conducted a “rain check” and made the place rainproof. They installed a giant parachute above the place as its roof.

This food park has three levels and filled with a variety of food stalls to choose from. Most of them stick to a theme, making the visitors experience a retro outdoor movie theater feel.

As for the movies, they are being played on the big screen every night whenever a band is not present to perform.

The street food-inspired cuisines

Of course, this food park is not all about aesthetics. StreetFood Cinema had lived up to their name as the food stalls offer street food-inspired cuisines. There are over 20 food stalls in the area and all of their food had undergone the management's taste tests.

Every single cuisine is uniquely delicious but we chose top grubs and desserts (in no particular order) that first-timers should not fail to try. Check them out below!

Naughty Nachos' Stranger Danger Nacho Fries

Stuff It's Boos Picnic

Pipa's Lily Tacolins

Okawari's Tempura Bento

House of Griddle's Chicken Marinatura

Mac and Chick's Honey garlic wings with fries

Above Sea Level's Giant Butterfly Squid

Qurros' Churro Hoops

Cold Layers' Secret Affairs

Chimney Twirls' Cinematic Chimney

The 'After Credits'

StreetFood Cinema is not only a food hub. Timog is known for being a strip where people can drink after office hours and this food park makes sure its bar is as competitive.

The "Quenchers" offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails made from premium alcohol. They even have interactive cocktails where you should dress up as your favorite Marvel superhero before you can actually drink your cocktails, perfect for Marvel films fans.

According to the management, when the clock strikes 10pm, they have what they call "after credits" and it is when the party starts.

Visting The Yard StreetFood Cinema is like hitting three birds with one stone. Give it a go and you might find yourself coming back with friends who would want to have a good time. Trust me, you all will.

The Yard StreetFood Cinema is located at Timog, Quezon City . It is open daily from 4:00PM to 2:00AM.



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