Advocates call to stop discrimination vs people with HIV, AIDS

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED December 5, 2017 02:38 pm

(Inside Manila) Bravely enough, advocates as well as those who are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), have just spoken out to stop the stigma and prejudice.

With the #HIVPolicyNow, the Twitterverse has been pooled with personal stories and experiences of people who have acquired the virus.

Even though many still chose to remain anonymous, others stood up for their fellow men to be brave and support the move in a bid to eradicate the ignorance and fear through proper education and comprehensive policies for HIV care.

Advocates and friends of those who are HIV positive extended their support on Twitter, urging other people to take away the misconceptions about HIV and AIDS and to prevent these from spreading.

On Monday, December 4, the House of Representatives approved ton third and final reading a measure that provides for stronger prevention and care policy on HIV and AIDS, following the observation of the World AIDS Day last week.

House Bill 6617 or the Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act states that the measure provides care and support to those living with the illness as it is expected to spread awareness and address the increasing cases of the dreaded disease in the country.

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