8 TV-themed Christmas party ideas everyone will love

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED December 5, 2017 02:16 pm | UPDATED December 5, 2017 09:12 pm

(Inside Manila) It's never too early or too late to plan a Christmas party to celebrate the holidays. Whether or not it's for family parties or the office, the aim is to have a memorable event. And what best way to commemorate 'tis season by turning the space and people to TV series' character they may or may not know!

Here are 8 great television series that can contribute a unique and fun twist to normal red, greens, and whites of regular holiday parties.

Game of Thrones

Celebrate a medieval kind of holiday party with this popular and award-winning television show. Dress up like the noble families or go for a more normal citizen look. Whether or not you're set to be Jon Snow, Daenerys, Cersei, or Arya this is the best time to show off your inner medieval and ale drinking self.


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Amazing Race

Turn the merry and cheerful holiday music to an intense one with this reality television game show as the theme. Dress the place up like it’s outside or set up 'Pit Stops' around the area.


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The dress code will absolutely be unique as it consists of active clothing or hiking clothes. Party games should consist of Amazing Race-inspired scavenger hunt, blind-taste test and best dressed team!

Sherlock Holmes

Unleash the detective and crime enthusiast both in you and the party with a Sherlock Holmes themed Christmas party. The dress code should be like the ones in the Victorian Era fashion or the present office suits.


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Party games should compose of solving mysterious situations or catching the thief holiday style.

Family Feud

Ready for a night of celebration and completing the most popular answer to survey question? Yes, channel this popular TV game show for a fun and trivia-filled holiday party!

Transform the place to the iconic game show, point a host and divide the group to families. The 'survey questions' could also be funny ones.

Stranger Things

Channel both the 1980's and supernatural beings with a Stranger Things themed Christmas party! Aside from the great throwback of 1980 clothing iconic scenes from the series should also be present; Joyce Byer's Christmas lights should be a start!


A great historical TV drama can also be turned to a fun theme for a Christmas party. Gather your wool and leather and dress up like the tough invaders from the television show Vikings.

Set up the fake swords, axes, knives and whatnot, the party should also have a feast fit for a Viking! And of course, an award for the best Viking costume.

Walking Dead

Bring the horror of the undead even in the height of Christmas! This popular TV horror show would absolutely be enjoyable for the party goers.


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Set up a wasteland, a fortress or just order everyone to be the best zombie or a tough survivor they can be. Award the best costume and see to it that the games can both be horrifying but also celebratory.


Celebrate the holidays in a retro fashion with a party inspired by Riverdale. Fill the place with neon lights to have that 1950 vibes.


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Like any Christmas party, award the best '50s interpretation and character portrayal.



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