LOOK: This couple recreates iconic anime scenes around Japan!

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED November 28, 2017 05:03 pm
Photo from Gomer Santos/Facebook

(Inside Manila) Travelling is great! Healthy in fact, but what makes it more memorable is when shared with your significant other.

This is exactly what Gomer Santos exemplified as he and his girlfriend took both #travelgoals and #relationshipgoals to a whole new flight after the couple roamed around Japan and recreate iconic scenes from all-time popular anime.

The photos were initially posted in a Facebook page called DIY Travel Philippines after it went viral various websites have since featured the couple.

According to reports, Gomer's girlfriend Rochelle Dimaala is a huge fan of animes. A huge reason why Santos took no second thoughts and flew with Rochelle all the way to Japan and made the dream happen.

Here are some of their adorable photos: 

To cap it all off, for his 30th birthday, Dimaala said 'Yes' to Santos at the top of Mt. Fuji!




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