Which MRT Station Are

You Based on Your


by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 07, 2019 3:27pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Which MRT Station Are You Based on Your Personality?

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 07, 2019 3:27pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

If you are not a fan of taking the bus when traveling along EDSA, your other option is to go on board the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). Without the long lines and occasional technical problems, MRT is the fastest way to get to your destination.

The MRT has a total of 13 stations and as perpetual MRT commuters, one is bound to notice how each station has its distinct personality. Some are busier than others, others are calm and contained, several are just restless. If we would look into it, these stations are much like people.

North Avenue
The leader

North Ave. is that person who sets the bar and everyone else just follows. The leader of the group, they will tell how long the lines would be depending on the technical issues of the trains. North Avenue is also the first station to open and the last one to close. If there’s an award for passion and commitment, North Avenue deserves to take it.

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Quezon Avenue
The chill friend

Quezon Avenue is also a pretty busy station but not as much as North Avenue. In fact, they appear chill despite a tight schedule. They have access to great gimik spots and can still make time for a “happy hour” if they want to. This chill friend also has their charm and star power, given they are near a media network and always has great decorations made in glitter every Christmas season.

The in-the-know

GMA-Kamuning knows where you can have fun. They are also near Timog Avenue, known for being Quezon City’s entertainment district—filled with restaurants, bars, and comedy clubs. GMA-Kamuning is always updated with the latest shows and news trends as they are near a network station.

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Araneta Center Cubao
The busy bee

It doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning, in the middle of the afternoon, or closing hours. Araneta Center Cubao is always filled with people no matter the time. Araneta is your workaholic friend who has to attend errands even on weekends.

Art by Ahl Miramberl


The calm and peaceful

If Cubao’s always busy, Santolan-Annapolis is quite the opposite. Only a few people get off at Santolan, making it one of the calmest and most quiet among MRT stations. A lover of peace and order, it makes perfect sense that this station is near Camp Aguinaldo, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and Department of National Defense.

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Ortigas Station
The professional

Ortigas is the person you always see in business attires and appears serious. They are always in work mode as they are near the Ortigas Business Center, major shopping malls, the Philippines Stock Exchange, Meralco, and other major business establishments.

Shaw Boulevard
The versatile

Shaw can adapt to different people—from the masses to the upper class. Look at the malls near them (SM Megamall, EDSA Shangri-La, and Starmall). And considering they are exactly in the middle, they are okay with traveling north or down south.

The go-to person

Boni has got it all for you—everything you need is  walking distance away. Need to do a grocery run? Malls are nearby. Medical check-up? The hospital is just around the corner. Whatever you need, Boni station is your go to.

The tourist guide

Looking for someone who knows the must-see spots? Guadalupe will give you a tour from the Spanish-era churches in Makati to the Instagrammable spots of BGC.  Let them lead you to Poblacion, Makati’s center of culture, history, and entertainment. They also know the great restaurant finds and will never run out of places they want to bring you to.

The mysterious one

Buendia is one of the underground MRT stations. Buendia looks simple from the outside but dig deeper and you will find something interesting. At first glance, the station has nothing special, but it is actually near the Makati Central Business District and it leads towards the heart of Makati. It is safe to say that Buendia is full of secrets.

Art by Ahl Mirambel


The cool kid

Ayala is the rich but cool kid of the circle. They will show you the fun side of the glamorous city life. They will show you the spots where you can have fun, appreciate art and express yourself. Ayala station is near malls and high-end brand stores, but it is also the way towards creative hangouts.

Art by Ahl Mirambel


The referee

Magallanes is in between two of the busiest stations of MRT. That being said, they act as the mediator between two strong personalities. They keep the circle of friends balanced and they always go for the neutral ground.

Art by Ahl Mirambel


The lakwachera

They can’t keep their feet still for a long time. They need to go someplace, anywhere but where they are at the moment. Once you get off board Taft Avenue, you will be surprised by the number of bus terminals near the station. You will also find links going to Mall of Asia, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and the historical city of Manila. So traveler, where to next?

We have different stops—others’ journey are longer than some. If your train of thought travels to the point where you compare yourself to others, stop and look at yourself instead. What matters most is we will all arrive at our destination at our own pace and that’s okay.


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