Survival Tips

Know Thy Signs: Basic

Street Symbols We Should

Never Overlook

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 04, 2019 4:17pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Survival Tips

Know Thy Signs: Basic Street Symbols We Should Never Overlook

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 04, 2019 4:17pm

We see signs every day on the way to work or school—across the street, on bus stops, and along the roads. We also see them in malls and train stations. As citizens, it is our responsibility to know and abide by the street rules. The signs are placed for our safety and security.

But somehow, we still fail to follow or notice the basic signs and symbols even if they’re plastered right in front of us; maybe this refresher could help.


PedXing is one sign that is confused for a name of a street. And no, this is not a Chinese word either. PedXing simply means "Pedestrian Crossing", hence the letter X preceding -ing. It is to inform drivers that pedestrians are, well, crossing.

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No Jaywalking

No Jaywalking is one of the street laws we are often tempted to break. While PedXing informs drivers that pedestrians are crossing, the No Jaywalking sign informs people they should not cross the traffic road unlawfully. When crossing streets or major highways, we are required to use an overpass or pedestrian lanes. A little sacrifice prevents collisions or paying a 500php fine or a three-hour community service.

Bawal Tumawid

On EDSA, the Bawal Tumawid sign often comes with a warning saying “Nakamamatay” or “May namatay na rito”. This is not just a threat nor a #ManilaEncounters story. Traffic officials won’t put this sign if it wasn’t true. Always put your safety ahead of your convenience.

Bicycle Lane Ahead

Bicycle lanes are constructed for the safety of cyclists and to provide another commute option, so it’s imperative for any motor vehicles to stay away from these lanes. In Metro Manila, Filinvest City has lanes dedicated only to cyclists. There’s also a bicycle lane along EDSA from Cubao to Ortigas. Just make sure to put on a face mask to avoid inhaling toxic smoke emissions!

No Parking

Do not push it when the sign says no parking or P under a restriction sign. Otherwise, a fine awaits. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recently raised its fine for attended (1000php from 200php) and unattended (2000php from 500php) parked vehicles since January 2019. Worst-case scenario, your vehicle will be towed and the towing fine is not fine at all.


As if it couldn’t get more obvious, a stop sign already says what it needs to say. We often see this sign held by traffic enforcers to signal drivers and pedestrians to regulate traffic and to avoid any untoward incidents.

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Speed Limit Signs

On EDSA, the maximum speed limit is 50kph. With Metro Manila’s traffic jam situation, we hardly a speed limit. However, this regulation should still be followed just in case fate takes an unexpected turn and the government will solve the traffic congestion.

These signs and symbols are no stranger to us. As drivers, pedestrians, or common citizens, it is our responsibility to follow the rules and regulations. Traffic signs and symbols are there for a reason—to keep us safe and to keep our roads in order. We sure hope you are a responsible citizen who always follows the rules, or better yet inspires everyone else to do so. Stay safe!


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