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We Ask Women Why

They Made The Switch

To These Game-Changing Period


by Sherry Tadeja, March 01, 2019 4:51pm

Disposable Pads Are So '2000s

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We Ask Women Why They Made The Switch To These Game-Changing Period Products

by Sherry Tadeja, March 01, 2019 4:51pm
Disposable Pads Are So '2000s

When a woman has had her first period (or menarche), their moms, ate, or tita automatically may have handed them a sanitary napkin. Sanitary pads have served its purpose for most women, but admittedly it feels uncomfortable and unreliable, not to mention harmful to the environment since it’s made of synthetic material.

Luckily, with innovation and a greater cry for addressing women’s sanitary concerns, an increasing number of period products aside from sanitary pads are now available in the market. These products are hyped for being more effective in protecting from leakage, a lesser chance of aggravating dysmenorrhea, and more environment-friendly. If you’re still having doubts on when to switch and what product to switch to, we asked these women on how the “switch” was for them:

“Tampons are great when you already know how to use them properly. Sneeze, cough, or roll in bed, even while swimming, no worries at all. I've tried both with and without applicators and mas eco-friendly 'yung without, mas less din 'yung chance na mag-stain sa underwear kasi walang applicator na mag-drag ng blood. Never tried a cup before but I am interested,”

- Christine, 29, Pharmacist

“If tampons weren't so expensive and were readily available in the supermarket I’d go for it. I still mainly wear pads when I’m just sitting in the office or at home but when I know I’m going to be active, I use tampons just because they are much more comfortable,”

- Kim, 29, Business Development Associate

“Three years user of Diva Menstrual cup. Once you tried it, you'll never try pads again. I saw it when we went to Australia, so I bought one. It saved me a lot of money and syempre, eco-friendly. You can use a single cup for five years. No to disposables tayo dapat. You can do whatever activities you like even on your heavy days. Swimming, yoga, workout, and syempre wala pang tagos. Mahirap lang talaga siya i-insert sa first attempt. Naka-one hour ako sa toilet eh. Pero if nakuha mo na, less than five seconds, pasok sa banga! Sulit ang 1300php ko kasi three years ko na siya ginagamit. Soak mo lang sa boiling water after mo gamitin. Promise, you won't feel anything once it's inside you. Parang wala ka lang period,”

- Shiny, 28, OFW

"Cloth pad user here. I really wanted to try cup but still needing more courage. Switching to cloth pads means no more itchiness and shorter periods. I just notice na since I use cloth pads my menstruation will be 3-4 days and less pahabol days. With regular pads I have pahabol days until 7th day,"

- Carla, 31, QA Specialist

“I converted from disposable pads to cloth pads, and it worked wonders for me. I know some would say cloth pads are kind of tedious with all the washing and changes. While this could be a little true, I had less abdominal pains, itching, and irritation from all the chemicals and materials (plastic mainly). For those worried about odor, I think the disposable ones smell way worse (TMI). I find comfort in knowing I don't feed the fishes my disposable sanitary pads.

'Yung cloth pad I chose were the ones with charcoal kasi. Not sure if it's because of the adsorbent properties,”

- Dredd, 29, Analyst

“When I'm not wearing tight pants or shorts, I use period panties—parang padded panty siya. Washable and medyo weird feeling at first na you bleed through your underwear. Pero yan mismo purpose parang kang naka diaper na hindi. It doesn't bleed through, and it absorbs the blood. Pero 'pag naka-tight pants ako, feel ko magkaka-tagos ako or something,”

- Reina, 21, Working Student

With period products, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. You’ll never know what works best for you unless you try it. Investing in it is not something to be embarrassed about nor is it a waste of money (it’s your body). Also, if it means enduring red days comfortably for you (and safer for the environment), then maybe it’s time to make the switch.

Interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.


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