Hassle-free, fashion-forward tips for different types of people this Christmas Season

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PUBLISHED November 16, 2017 04:11 pm
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(Inside Manila) With a myriad of events lined up for the holiday season, shopping for a new outfit has become quite the quandary. Your schedule, stacked up and loaded, may take all the time supposedly spent on preparing for family gatherings and year-end parties. Fortunately, there's a few, hassle-free way around it, and it’s all inside your wardrobe.

The Business-Minded

Christmas has an easy vibe that calls for a comfortable attire, which could hardly translate to an easy task for the image-conscious people. Going out of the usual can be a bit of a work but really, it doesn’t have to be.

For those consistently going for long-sleeved shirts, now is a good time to roll those sleeves. Not only does it speak of nonchalance in your fashion statement, it also shows your flexibility on certain occasions without going far from your staple.                                

The Edgy                                  

Most people prefer the basics and the edgy is everything but. They are the trendsetters of fashion-forward outfits, and nothing says “fashion” like an experimental yet sleek pairing of clothing. We’re talking nautical top and waist-cinching accessory combination, comfy-sleek black and white pair, among others.

Though, just like any other types of artists, you may come across a creative block and left with inconclusiveness—especially if you have lots of pieces to choose from—that may lead to a poorly constructed ensemble. In this case, you should opt for the proven basics like the white tees or the 80s-inspired denim-on-denim.

The Trendy                               

Jumping early on the style fads are the trendy people, or the slaves to fashion that are always dressed to kill, so to speak. Being trendy isn’t just about the style craze, though, but rather about aligning functionality and timeliness together.

Considering the chilly Christmas Season, warm outerwear is your best friend. When using drapes or puffers, try and leave them hanging on your shoulders. Doing so creates an opulent and chic look; an illusion that ups the ante of the piece. On the other hand, when wearing shirts for casual gatherings, tying the knot right in the middle of it in lieu of tucking it in should do the trick.

The Adventurous

Since you’re often up for any activities, your closet might be composed more of relaxed or oversized shirts and a couple of lightweight outerwear. To be precise, athleisure is the perfect apparel for the adventurous, but it doesn’t have to end there.

From a low-key trek to any outdoor excursion, wearing a quilted vest or moisture-wicking jacket over a long-sleeved clothing is a given—but wearing either of those alone gives off a too-casual look. This is where statement accessories come into play.

Stylish yet handy bags are the most important article in your sporty ensemble. You can also wear stud earrings. The statement is soft and petite but insistent in a way that is hard to miss.

Of course, any attire may be affected by certain weather conditions and you may have to opt for a more fitting getup. But one thing’s for sure: an empty wrist is undeniably a missed opportunity.

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