Arts and Culture

How One Night at

the Museum Can Break

Your Creative Block

by Jace Amodo, March 11, 2019 3:42pm

Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Arts and Culture

How One Night at the Museum Can Break Your Creative Block

by Jace Amodo, March 11, 2019 3:42pm
Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Picture this: you're deep into a craft—an article you're writing, an artwork you're painting, a song you're composing—and suddenly you freeze. It's as if the pen's low on ink or the paintbrush is clumping or the beats are getting messy. Your mind is everywhere so you're not the most reliable at the moment; you're having a creative block. We've all been there, and it's crucial to break free before its momentum builds up.

Ayala Museum, Makati City’s heart for culture and arts, opens up its edifice as a venue for expression with"Creative Nights." Through this one-night event, guests can create art for themselves while guest artists perform on stage, refreshing each and everyone's exhausted creative brain cells.

Gus Albor during his exhibit tour. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Through Art

Successfully reigniting that spark of creativity by looking at artworks is no news—artists do this online and offline. The case for the Ayala Museum is different because, as with similar large institutions, it is home to an extensive collection of art pieces, and diverse temporary and permanent exhibits. The more art you view, the more creative fuel you store.

For its first edition of the year (and second overall inception), "Creative Nights" featured renowned abstractionist Gus Albor's collection, entitled Territory: Gus Albor - Works from 1969-2018. It's the perfect exhibit to center for its minimalist peculiarity. It reminds viewers of what is only essential, detouring from theatrics and what-not, and therefore rekindling with ideas you thought you lost.

CRWN in his element. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Through Music

People listen to sad songs when sad and happy songs when so; this is how powerful music can be. It allows us to convey our feelings in a melody. And what better music to pair with minimalist art than with lyric-less tunes?

"Creative Nights" invited Manila-based producer and beat maker CRWN to add flair to the night. What the canvas is to Gus Albor, the DJ mixer is to CRWN. His beats kicked off the night like a reader would open a flyleaf. At the stroke of the first note, everyone's attention is at the stage, and you can almost feel everyone's creative juices flowing.

Gus, a musician himself, performed with his flute alongside guest guitarist Kowboy Santos, Generation band frontman and son of Pinoy rock singer Sampaguita. To see artists like Gus Albor and CRWN in their element is enough to fill the Creation Station, where the "expression" part of the event takes place. Guests were provided half a canvas where they can paint alongside a friend or a stranger and create a masterpiece they can call their own. At that fleeting moment, our creative blocks were a thing of the past.

Guest performers pose for a picture. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

At its core, "Creative Nights" is a collaboration of art and music inside what is already an illuminating venue that aims to feed the fire in you. Guests can tackle over wine the feelings ensued by the exhibit and performances with friends, family, and strangers. By doing so, they discover a myriad of interpretation, all with a sense of comfort and companionship.

Dog days are over once you step foot at "Creative Nights." Watch out for the next ones through Ayala Museum’s social media pages. Tickets go at 1,500php (VIP), 900php (Door charge), 700php (Regular), 600php (Early Bird), 500php (Ayala Museum Members), and are available at the Ayala Museum ticket counter and via Ticketworld.

The Ayala Museum is at Makati Avenue corner De la Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park, Makati City, and is open Tuesday to Sundays, from 9 am to 6 pm. For more information, visit or follow @ayalamuseum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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