This Cafe in Maginhawa

is Every Indie Buff’s


by Maria Romero, February 28, 2019 5:19pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


This Cafe in Maginhawa is Every Indie Buff’s Sanctuary

by Maria Romero, February 28, 2019 5:19pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

There are enough published articles and even researches online to scare us from pursuing our passion. But in Maginhawa, Quezon City, a café built out of passion stood as a reminder that the passion mantra still works with the right amount of hard work.

Jess and Pat’s is a burger and coffee café turned gig place, where artsy and foodie meet half way. As part of founders' Alexx Jessica Esponga and Kloyd Patrick Majam’s undergraduate thesis project as Entrepreneurship students in San Beda University, the café started small in a 24 sqm. area near Marcos Highway in Marikina. Since its founding in 2016, the café has evolved from serving burgers and chicken into a respite for budding artists of all types. In 2018, they moved to a larger space in Maginhawa to better encourage independent artists to share their craft through them since their previous marketing research showed that their patrons were mostly from Quezon City.

Gigs at Jess and Pat’s are intimate. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

A café with a personality              

Jess and Pat’s—from the founders’ second names, Jessica and Patrick—is a combination of their pop-culture-loving personalities. When you enter the place, you’ll immediately feel the vibe it springs off as it invites you to relax.

Outside, there are wooden tables enough to accommodate at least 40 people. When you enter inside, huge cabinets with art merchandise. Jess and Pat’s is an intimate gig place. The small cafe’s ambiance and menus allow patrons to travel through the world of Star Wars, the Marvel Universe to Van Gogh’s life in one easy ride.

All the good food

What made them stand out from the lane of bistros in Maginhawa is its obvious fondness for pop culture through their menu—one great strategy to hook the hip community. This joint prides itself with their American-inspired homemade recipes Kloyd mastered to satisfy their customers.

Anakin Skyburger. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

For the burger lovers, their best-seller “Anakin Skyburger” with “doubled cheese for a stronger force” is more than satisfying. If you're into root beer floats, the interestingly weird serving of their “Lord Vader” is a pair of burger and root beer float to match your odd taste. Not only will it flatter your empty stomach, it will also appease your Star Wars heart.

Other popular burgers are the “Hawaii Met Your Burger”, a burger with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and the star ingredient pineapple and “PaBurrito”, an incredible fusion of burrito and burger in one serving.

Lord Vader. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Just recently, they added chicken buffalo on their menu. According to Alex, their must-try Buffalo (Not) Wings, buttered wings cooked tenderly with a little kick of spice paired with sour cream dip on the side, is one of the customer favorites.

Their “Mucho Deliciosio”nachos covered with gooey cheese and ground beef and “Tacko Wacko,” two-piece hard-shelled tacos with veggies, cheddar cheese, and cheese sauce are perfect for the snackies.

Buffalo Wings. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

For the sweet tooth, their newest addition "Vincent Mangogh," a mango-graham treat will make you coming back for more. They also offer S’mores with mallows and chocolate spreads good for sharing.

Vincent Mangogh. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

One thing though, they don’t serve alcoholic drinks here but they serve coffees, iced teas, smoothies, and Yoda Float, a root beer topped with vanilla ice cream. They don’t want to make mama angry. All these are kind of experimental but that made Jess and Pat’s the well-loved cafe they are now.

We’re Indies Together

Since it moved to Maginhawa, Jess and Pat’s bowed to support all the good things indie artists do. They are a cafe and art and gig place all rolled into one convenient hub supporting the local independent scene.

Jess and Pat’s is an avenue to express one’s artistry. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Other than food, things inside the place are wall arts, photo frames, and two huge wooden cabinets of creative crafts. Artists selling all types of materials cosigned with Jess and Pat’s are reaching more people. If you want a new home for your arts and crafts, Jess and Pat’s inbox is always open for collaboration. The wooden cabinets display arts and crafts such as zines, phone cases, earrings, caps, and reusable utensils from brands like Paraluman, Fragrant Home Candles, and The Craft Box to name a few—all up for sale. The hanging photo frames in the wall from different film photographers are also available for purchase.

Paraluman crafts are for sale at Jess and Pat’s. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

This hallowed hub has also been housing events like gigs, open jam sessions, and book launches. Last 2018, they housed acts such as UNIQUE, Barbie Almabis, and Urbandub. They also hosted a private event for Kean Cipriano, and Ranz Kyle and Niana.

Performers at HomeSessionsMNL’s Purple Night: A Benefit Gig for Gia. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

On February 9, Jess and Pat’s curated a gig to celebrate their first anniversary in Maginhawa featuring Leanne and Naara, I Belong to the Zoo, KE, and more. As part of the bash, they launched their first-ever gig and loyalty card to reward their regular patrons. Through these cards, those who consistently attend gigs and eat out at this joint will be rewarded with discounts and free meals.

The gig and loyalty card. Photo from Jess and Pat’s/Facebook

Jess and Pat’s, with their exemplary mission to provide a platform for thriving artists, proved that pursuing a meaningful work means powering through the struggles. If any chance you got winded up in Maginhawa, drop by this rooftop cafe to meet new friends and arts and music heroes. Not only will you support the cafe but the whole community of artistic and passionate people Jess and Pat’s supports.

Jess and Pat’s is at 2/F 63 Maginhawa, Quezon City. For more information visit Jess and Pat’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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