Filipinos stage world-class show for foreign visitors

Michaela Andrea
PUBLISHED November 13, 2017 02:52 pm
Screenshot from RTVM

(Inside Manila) It has been said and proven that Filipinos have world-class talent and that we are one of the most hospitable hosts.

But have you ever wondered what will happen if talent and hospitality were combined? One word: Goosebumps.

Various Filipino artists showcased their talent during the Gala dinner for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit delegates at the SMX Convention Center.

The half-hour long production started with a marching band, which is usually performed during fiestas and other celebrations in the country.

This was followed by a transition of graceful ballet, cultural and modern dances.

Child wonders Elha Nympha and Sam Shoaf graced the beginning of breath-taking song numbers with Sound of Music’s Climb Every Mountain.

The artists also spiced up the Disney classic Go The Distance and John Lennon-hit imagine.

Singers Darren Espanto, Jona Viray, Jed Madella, and Lani Misalucha sent the delegates to their feet, including United States President Donald Trump, as they hit every high note.

Video courtesy of RTVM



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