Things to consider in choosing an ‘Instagrammable’ holiday destination

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED November 9, 2017 05:06 pm | UPDATED November 10, 2017 08:18 am

(Inside Manila) For people working in Manila, the long weekend is coming!

Due to the upcoming 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit and Related Meetings, Malacañang has announced work and class suspensions in Manila on November 13 to 15.

People are expected to get-up-and-go to various places to vacay. Millennials, specifically, are eager to spend their savings on a holiday destination considering the place’s Instagrammability or how picturesque it will be on Instagram.

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect-for-social-media-posts places to achieve good Instagram snaps:

1. Swimming pools surrounded by nature. These places will surely place you and your followers to a travel vibe even they are at home. You surely want to be liked by posting refreshing posts.

Photo from @seachiic/Instagram

2. Know the palettes. Prepare and wear clothes that will suit on the background of your chosen destination. This will affect how Instagrammable your post is.

Photo from @nadine/Instagram

3. Food. Searching ahead where to eat during your travel will make you have a fail-safe food porn.

Photo from @dolcisenzaburro/Instagram

4. Landscapes. Greens, blues and any other colors related to nature is a win for an Instagram post.

Photo from @nadine/Instagram

5. Hidey-holes. If you got the eye for photography, you surely got the cleverness in looking for secret places or discreet areas in the place that could give you a perfect click.

Photo from @louise.dr/Instagram

So, what are you waiting for? Plan now your best holiday destination and have those perfect Instagram snaps!



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